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What's New in this Version?
Version 2.0.18 of the Shipper Tool contains a number of updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.17.
These updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness, clarity and accuracy of the Tool, and
are summarized below:
The validation check that determines if a payload entered by the user is out of range has been updated
for Less-Than-Truckload truck fleets.
The import and export screens have been updated to allow users to import/export an XLSX file type (in
addition to the CSV file type allowed previously).
^ Users can now enter payloads as low as 0.001 tons on the Activity screen.
If the user chooses the Way 4 participation level, the Carrier Subdivision screen is only considered
complete if a carrier row is subdivided (notjust if carrier identification information is entered). For
example, a given carrier can be split by inbound and outbound operations, each with their own activity
^ Miscellaneous text and format updates for clarification.
EPA 420 F 19 065 | October 2019 | SmartWay Transport Partnership | epa.gov/smartway