Ameren Illinois Company
BMP Distribution Partner Since 2016
OMB Control No. 2060-0722
Approval expires 08/31/2021
Ameren iliinois's natural gas operations rank as the state's third largest, safely delivering natural
gas to 816,000 customers in central and southern Illinois. The company maintains a vast natural
gas delivery network that includes over 18,400 miles of transmission and distribution mains and 12
underground storage fields. Ameren's approach to sustainability involves carefully weighing our
responsibilities to our customers and communities, workforce, environment and shareholders.
Additional information on Ameren's commitment to sustainability may be found at
Historical Highlights
Distribution Mains and Services I
Leak Repairs
Ameren Illinois is accelerating its repair of non-
hazardous underground distribution system leaks.
The repair activities have resulted in fewer open
underground leaks and reduced methane
Open Underground Leaks
Distribution Mains and Services I
Replacement of Mechanically
Coupled Steel Mains and
Ameren Illinois initiated the accelerated
replacement of mechanically coupled, coated steel
mains and services in 2015. The replacement
activities have reduced underground leaks,
eliminated future leaks on these facilities, and
reduced methane emissions. Ameren Illinois
completed the replacement of all cast/wrought iron
mains and services in 2005.
Miles of Coupled Steel Main Replaced
50 507

Miles of Main
 o o o c

36 J5
J il
2014 2015 2C
16 2017 2018 2019 2(
Year (2019-2023 Project*
20 2C
21 2(
122 2C
EPA Form No. 5900-413

Ameren Illinois Company Historical Fact Sheet
Distribution Mains and Services I
Damage Prevention
Ameren Illinois initiated a 'Watch and Protect'
program to reduce third-party damage to
distribution mains and services in 2012. As part of
this program, Ameren Illinois requires onsite stand-
by of third party excavations for all transmission
mains, distribution mains operating at 100 psig or
greater, and all mains 8 inches or larger.
Additionally, quality assurance audits of facility
locates are completed to verify accuracy. These
activities have reduced damage to distribution
facilities, reduced methane emissions, and
improved communication with excavators.
Third-Party Damage
Third-Party Damage/1,000 Locates
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