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The DWSRF AQUARIUS Recognition Program
The Drinking Water State Revoking Fund (DWSRF) is a $38 billion federal-state
partnership dedicated to protecting America's public health. The program finances the
construction and rehabilitation of critical drinking water infrastructure, along with public
health-focused programs and activities across our nation. The DWSRF AQUARIUS
program nationally recognizes DWSRF-funded projects for exceptional focus on
sustainability and protection of public health. These projects are examples of the high
level of innovation possible with the DWSRF.
States participating in this voluntary recognition program may nominate one DWSRF
project during the 2019 round. All DWSRF projects are eligible for nomination if they
have completed construction within the last two years. The project must meet three

Safe Drinking Water Act compliance
field_image_alignment[und]":" Financial integrity
Public health benefits
Additionally, each project must demonstrate leadership in at least one or more of the
following areas:
	Emerging contaminants;
	Aging infrastructure;
	Innovative financing;
	Water loss control;
	Efficient water and/or energy use;
	Creative approach to project planning and implementation; or
	Water system partnerships
States may nominate one project and send the nomination form to their EPA Regional
Office Coordinator. After review from the EPA Regional Office, the Region will send
nominations to EPA Headquarters (HQ). A panel at EPA HQ will review submitted
projects. Of the projects nominated, the panel will select one particularly noteworthy
project from each Region to be designated as "Exceptional Projects" to receive further
 Nomination Form for the 201Q AQUARIUS Recognition Program