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Climate change poses risks to human health. Already in the United States, we are seeing rising
temperatures, increased frequency and intensity of some types of extreme weather, sea level rise, and
other changes in weather and climate patterns. We are all vulnerable to the health impacts associated
with climate change. However, these climate and health risks vary across the country.
In the Northwest, climate change is expected to double the annual amount of land burned by wildfires
by the end of the century. This and other climate impacts mean increasing risks to health in Idaho.
Examples of risks and actions for Idaho residents include:
-	Rising temperatures and changing rain patterns will lead to more mosquitoes. Mosquito bites
can transmit diseases like West Nile virus to humans. Learn how you can take action to protect
against mosquitoes, such as:
o Prepare: Get rid of standing water where mosquitoes can breed,
o Prepare: Keep window and door screens in good condition.
-	More frequent and longer-lasting wildfires cause more emergency room visits for asthma,
COPD, and other lung conditions. Learn how you can take action to protect against wildfires.
o Prepare Keep your air-conditioning filter clean, and close the unit's fresh air intake,
o Respond: Check local news and reports for information on air quality, visibility, and
evacuation orders.
- More floods will occur in some mountain watersheds. Floods can lead to illness, injury, and
deaths. Learn how you can take action to protect against floods, such as:
o Prepare Ask someone out-of-state to act as a "family contact" in case your family is
o Respond: Avoid driving or walking in or near flood waters, even after the flood or during
Learn more in the USGCRP Climate and Health Assessment.
The examples of risks and actions provided in this document are not a comprehensive list. They
provide users with illustrative impacts and resources for further information. Examples were
selected based on relevance to the state or region and representation of a diversity of health
threats. Selection does not imply ranking of severity of impacts nor prioritization of actions. The
examples of impacts are based on "The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the
United States: A Scientific Assessment," available at, as well
as the National Climate Assessment at
such as:
June 2016

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