Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research
United States
Environmental Protection
Watersheds Research
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Water Quality Benefits
Through a Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grant,
EPA awarded funding to six universities to work
with local communities to better understand the
economic value of water quality.
1	North Carolina State University
2	Iowa State University
3	Clark University
4.	Dartmouth College
5.	Duke University
6.	University of Connecticut
Assessment, Monitoring, and Management of Aquatic Resources
Nationally consistent and scientifically defensible assessments of U.S. waters to
implement the National Aquatic Resource Surveys (NARS).
H Research Outputs:
	Science to support NARS survey design, indicator development and assessment
benchmarks, methods development, and data tools
	Extended applications of NARS data and approaches to support priority setting and
management actions
 Tools, indicators, and information to inform water quality goals, assess biological
condition, and support effective management of diverse water bodies
 Methods, models, and tools to evaluate the potential health effects from exposure
to micro/nanoplastics
 Water quality models and economic analyses to support science-based water
quality decisions
Research support for the San Juan Watershed Program
~ Improved Aquatic Resource Mapping
Methodologies, tools, and data sets for aquatic resource mapping of waters of the United States.
Research Output: Improved accuracy and application of geospatially explicit aquatic resource data
~ Human Health and Aquatic Life Criteria
Science to support EPA's Office of Water (OW) to assist regions, states, and tribes with new or revised water quality criteria and their
implementation, including support to protect human health and aquatic life from pollutants in surface water.
Research Outputs:
	Data and innovative tools to advance public health protection from microbial contaminants in surface water
	Data and innovative tools to advance public health from consumption of chemical contaminants in surface waters and aquatic organisms
	Science to advance the methodology for deriving water quality criteria to protect aquatic life from toxic chemicals