American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act: Retrofit
Heavy-Duty Trucks
Powered by Exhaust Gas
Recirculation (EGR) or
Non-EGR Engines with
Johnson Matthey's
Selective Catalytic
Reduction Technology
Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
selected and awarded the South Coast Air Quality
Management District (SCAQMD) $2,000,000 to retrofit
heavy-duty diesel trucks powered by EGR or non EGR
engines with Johnson Matthey Selective Catalytic
Reduction Technology (SCCRT).
What is the purpose of this project?
The EPA has selected the SCAQMD for $2,000,000 in funding to
retrofit ninety heavy-duty diesel trucks with Johnson Matthey's
Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology. The project is expected to
reduce approximately 30 tons of particular matter (PM), 1000 tons of
nitrogen oxides, and 300 tons of carbon monoxide. (This technology
does not reduce C02).
Why is this project important for air quality?
This project will help improve air quality in the South Coast Air Basin
which includes Orange County, parts of Los Angeles, and the
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
The associated health benefits of this project include reduced risks in
premature death, cancer, respiratory illness, and asthma. These
health benefits are much needed in the South Coast Air Basin, which
is designated for non-attainment in both ozone and PM2.5. This
project is estimated to preserve or create 19 jobs during the first two
years. The project will also boost the economy by increasing
technology sales and manufacturing.
How does this project relate to the Recovery
Act Funding Priorities?
-» Job Preservation/Creation and Economic Benefit -19 Jobs
-» Increase Economic Efficiency - $26 million long term benefits
How do I find out more about ARRA?
For more information regarding the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act, please visit the Recovery Homepage
(http ://www. recovery, gov).
How Do I Find Out More?
For more information on The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act
(DERA) and EPA's National Clean Diesel Campaign, please visit:
For more information about the South Coast Air Quality Management
District, please visit: www.aqmd.gov