The GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership
GreenChill Store Certification Program Protocol for Stores with Prep
Room Refrigeration
The following document describes the protocol used to determine the total load and refrigerant charge of stores
that use their remote ref rigeration system to ref rigerate prep rooms.
How to Report Your Store's Total Load (MBTU/Hr):
As described in the GreenChill Store Certification Program Guidance, a store's total load shall include all BTUs
associated with refrigeration. However, it can sometimes be unclear whether BTUs used for 'prep room
refrigeration' should be considered air conditioning or refrigeration. For the purposes of GreenChill
Certification, ONLY BTUs that are used to cool a room below 60F may be considered refrigeration and,
therefore, shall be included in a store's total load.
If the room temperature for a prep room is not clearly provided in your systems refrigeration legend, you will
need to provide other supporting documentation to show the room temperature is below 60F.
How to Report your System's Refrigerant Charge:
Since it is not possible to separate the refrigerant charge used to cool prep rooms from the refrigerant charge
used to refrigerate the commercial refrigeration equipment, stores that use their remote refrigeration system to
cool prep rooms must report the total pounds of refrigerant that are charged into the store's commercial
refrigeration system.
Note that only stores that use combined refrigeration and air conditioning systems may adjust their refrigerant
charge to account for the refrigerant associated with air conditioning. Please refer to the GreenChill Store
Certification Protocol for Combined Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems for more information.
Please direct any questions to Tom Land at or 202-343-9185.
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