United States
Environmental Protection
Federal Facilities Cleanup Program
To overcome the difficulties posed by contamination at federal facilities,
the Federal Facilities Restoration and Reuse Office (FFRRO) works with the
U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DOE), and
other federal entities to develop creative, cost-effective solutions to their
environmental problems. FFRRO's overall mission is to facilitate faster, more
effective and less costly cleanup and reuse of federal facilities. By focusing
on partnering and public involvement, FFRRO and its counterpart offices
in the EPA Regions have made great strides in improving federal facilities
Naval Surface Warfare Center - White Oak
White Oak, Maryland
After more than 50 years of operation, the
712-acre Naval Surface Warfare Center-White
Oak (NSWC-White Oak) facility has a new
identity as the headquarters for the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) and greenspace.
The facility is located five miles northeast of
Washington, DC in Silver Spring, Maryland and
was originally established iri 1944 as the Naval
Ordnance Laboratory.
Local regulatory
agencies and members
of the community
partnered with the
Department of
Defense, Maryland
Department of the
Environment (MDE) and
the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency
(EPA) to conduct
environmental investigation and cleanup
activities at the property under the Base
Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program.
After the facility closed in 1997, the NSWC-White
Oak BRAC Cleanup Team identified 126 areas
for investigation or cleanup. Since 1997, all
areas have been addressed except for 10 where
remediation or long-term monitoring is ongoing,
in collaboration with community, the property
has undergone extensive environmental
restoration. The FDA is currently building a 130-
acre campus to serve as their headquarters and
the remaining area of the site is wooded.

Philadelphia Navy Yard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3 Welcome To
Community Park
Naval Air Development Center - Warminster
Warminster, Pennsylvania
The Philadelphia Navy Yard was the country's
first naval shipyard. The origins of The Navy Yard
date back to the founding of the country in
1776, when the Continental Congress leased
land along Philadelphia's Front Street docks
to support the new nation's fledgling Navy.
The site became an official part of the United
States Navy in 1801 and was moved to its
current location four miles south of center city
Philadelphia around the time of the Civil War.
Environmental assessment and cleanup of
the 1,445-acre facility began iri 1991 and the
Navy officially closed the Yard in 1995. Over
the past 15 years, the Yard has been the focus
of extensive cleanup activity coordinated by
the Navy and the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA).
As a result of these efforts, the Navy Yard has
become a 1,200 acre, dynamic waterfront
development offering the Philadelphia region
everything from new office complexes, huge
industrial and distribution facilities, state-of-
the-art research laboratories and historic
buildings. Current major tenants include the
corporate headquarters of both Tastykake
Baking Company and Urban Outfitters. Thomas
Jefferson Hospital has opened a surgery center
and medical offices, and the pharmaceutical
company GlaxoSmithKline plans on moving their
headquarters to the Navy Yard in 2012. At full
capacity, the Navy Yard will support more than
20,000 employees and over $2 billion in private
The Naval Air Warfare Center-Warminster
(NAWC) facility, which covers 840 acres in
Warminster Township and Ivyland Borough,
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was commissioned
in 1944. NAWC, formerly the Naval Air
Development Center, had a rich history of
advanced research and development in the
naval community. It was born from the Brewster
Aircraft factory towards the end of World War II
and grew to become one of the leading Naval
Air research laboratories in the nation. NAWC's
main function was the research, development
and testing of Naval aircraft systems.
The base was closed by the federal government
Base Realignment and Closure action in the
1990s and its operations were transferred to
Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Lexington
Park, Maryland. The NAWC property is now
home to an industrial park, Warminster
Community Park, a housing development,
the new Bucks County morgue and crime lab
and Ann's Choice - a senior citizens' housing
complex. The Warminster Community Park
covers 243 acres and includes walking trails,
nature areas, a playground,
a pavilion and picnic
area, and a pond. Ann's
Choice is a 2,500 unit
retirement community with
20 residential buildings, four
community buildings, and
an extended care center.