Water Sense
WaterSense® 2008
Partners of the Year
What Is WaterSerise?
WaterSerise is a partnership program spon-
sored by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) that seeks to protect the future
of our nation's water supply by offering people a
simple way to use less water.
WaterSense has more than 1,000 promotional, manu-
facturer, retailer and distributor, and irrigation partners
working together to promote water efficiency across
the country. This year, in WaterSense's first annual
awards program, EPA will recognize partners in each
category who have:
Advanced the WaterSense mission;
Increased awareness about WaterSense in a mea-
surable way; and
Demonstrated overall excellence in the water-
efficiency arena.
Many organizations and individuals have helped EPA
advance the public's knowledge of and access to
water-efficient products and services. To recognize the
most forward-thinking and dedicated organizations
and individuals, EPA named the following 2008
WaterSense Partners of the Year:
Partners of the Year
Promotional Partner
Saving Water Partnership
Seattle and Participating Local Water Utilities
In 2000, Seattle Public Utilities and 17 other local
utilities formed the Saving Water Partnership to pro-
mote efficient water use in Seattle and King County,
Washington. In 2007, the Saving Water Partnership
incorporated WaterSense labeled products and
outreach into its local water-efficiency campaign
With Every Flush!
WaterSense &
FlushStar Toilets
<£j Superior
Reliable Savings
through public service
announcements, out-
reach to plumbers, and
public events.
To demonstrate the
flushing power of
WaterSense labeled
toilets, the Saving Water
Partnership staged "The
Great Flush-Off," where
representatives from
the Partnership and EPA
flushed ping pong balls
and potatoes. These efforts resulted in increased cus-
tomer traffic and inquiries about WaterSense labeled
toilets at participating retailers, as well as increased
replacement of old, water-guzzling toilets through the
Saving Water Partnership's multi-family residence toilet
replacement program.
Manufacturer Partner
Plumbing manufacturer Kohler has been making ef-
ficient plumbing fixtures since the late 1980s. Today,
Kohler is still on the cutting edge of water-efficient
technology, having earned the WaterSense label for
numerous models of high-efficiency toilets.
Sir kij
Conservation. Innovation.
October 2008
(866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) • www.epa.gov/watersense • watersense@epa.gov

Kohler has greatly contributed to building the Wa-
terSense "buzz"through its active promotion of Wa-
terSense labeled products on the trade show circuit,
on its Web site, and through noteworthy publicity
events, including the Charrnin Holiday Restrooms
in New York City's Times Square. In partnership with
Procter & Gamble, Kohler provided 20 WaterSense
labeled toilets in luxurious portable restrooms strategi-
cally placed for shoppers in one of Manhattan's busiest
areas during the 2007 holiday season. As a result, an
estimated half-million visitors in Times Square experi-
enced firsthand the high-performing, water-efficient
WaterSense labeled toilets.
Retailer/Distributor Partner
Ferguson is one of the country's largest wholesale
distributors of plumbing supplies, which means its
potential for promoting water efficiency nationwide is
enormous. In 2007, Ferguson decided partnering with
WaterSense was a natural step, as it had already devel-
oped water-efficient plumbing fixtures for its private
label PROFLO product line. That same year, Ferguson
went on to sell thousands of WaterSense labeled
toilets to contractors, plumbers, builders, and a rising
number of homeowners and remodelers.

To help drive consumer traffic toward water-efficient fix-
tures, the company uses point of purchase displays and
has made an effort to work with municipalities to stay
abreast of rebate programs. With remarkable speed, Fer-
guson has educated its staff of 22,000 associates in 1,400
service centers located in all 50 states about the benefits
of water efficiency and WaterSense labeled products.
Both Ferguson's customers and the nation's water re-
sources benefit from this water-efficiency know-how.
Irrigation Partner
Timothy Malooly
Timothy Malooly has
worked as a practitioner
in the irrigation indus-
try for 26 years and is
president of two
irrigation firms: Irriga-
tion Consultants &
Control, Inc., an irriga-
tion design, consult-
ing and technology
company, and Irrigation
By Design, Inc., an irrigation installation and service
These companies have been responsible for design
and/or installation of water-efficient irrigation systems
for a variety of projects, including the first residential
project to receive Platinum certification from the U.S.
Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED) program, Russia's Grizzly
Coast exhibit at the Minnesota Zoological Garden, and
master-planned community projects such as the Spirit
of Brandtjen Farm in Lakeville, Minnesota.
Malooly holds three different WaterSense labeled
certifications offered by the Irrigation Association
and hires and promotes professionals who obtain
certification. Malooly speaks about water-efficient
irrigation practices, applied technologies, and the im-
portance of EPA WaterSense partnership at functions
across the country.
For More Information
To learn more about WaterSense and the Partner of the
Year awards program, visit www.epa.gov/watersense.