Application Review Checklist for
Concentrated Animal Feeding
Operations and Concentrated Aquatic
Animal Production Facilities Submitting IMPEDES
Forms 1 and 2B
Is the facility a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) or a concentrated aquatic
animal production (CAAP) facility? If yes, complete Form 1 (General Information) and
Form 2B (CAFOs and CAAP Facilities).
This checklist is a tool designed for NPDES permit applicants to aid in the submission of a complete NPDES permit
application. The items in the checklist reflect elements that applicants often fail to complete or complete incorrectly.
Applicants are encouraged to review the contents of the checklist prior to completing the form(s) and submittal of the
application package. Note that "[a]n application for a permit is complete when the Director receives an application form
and any supplemental information which are completed to his or her satisfaction." (40 CFR 122.21(e))
~	Did you review the Forms 1 and 2B General Instructions?
~	Did you review the Forms 1 and 2B Line-by-Line Instructions?
~	Did you attach a topographic map? (Form 1, Item 7.1 and Form 2B, Item 4.1)
Note: If you are a CAAP facility, the map must meet the specifications at Form 1, Item 7.1. If you are a CAFO, the
map must meet the specifications at Form 2B, Item 4.1.
~	If you are a CAFO, did you attach a nutrient management plan? (Form 2B, Section 6)
Note: A permit application is not complete until a nutrient management plan is submitted to the NPDES permitting
authority. Refer to the line-by-line instructions for Section 6 for the nutrient management plan requirements.
~	Do your additional attachments (if any) provide the required information? Did you provide the information in a
format consistent with the form?
~	Did you account for all outfalls (if applicable) and wastewaters that you are requesting to be permitted as a result
of this application?
~	Did you enter the EPA identification number and NPDES permit number (if you have them) and facility name at
the top of the first page of the form and on all attachments?
Resource: https ://www. e pa. a ov/frs
~	Did you review the form to ensure that you have provided a response to every item (except those for which the
form allows you to skip)?
~	Did you complete the application checklists in Form 1, Item 11.1 and Form 2B, Item 8.1 and indicate any
attachments you are enclosing?
~	Did the appropriate person, as specified at 40 CFR 122.22(a), sign the certification statements? (Form 1, Item
11.2 and Form 2B, Item 8.2)
Note: Refer to the line-by-line instructions for Form 1, Item 11.2 and Form 2B, Item 8.2 for the signatory
Resource: 40 CFR 122.22
Application Review Checklist—Forms 1 and 2B
EPA 833-F-20-001B