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July 15,2014	-L
Air Monitors Stolen from Spanish Village
Recently, EPA reported that the air monitoring sta-
tion in Spanish Village was vandalized sometime be-
tween the evening of Monday, June 30, and the morn-
ing of Tuesday,
July 1. EPA
began replacing
the compo-
nents that had
been stolen or
damaged. Spe-
cifically, Pocket
Ion Chambers
(PICs) and
Electret Ion Chambers (E-PERMs) were stolen and the
gamma tracer was vandalized.
PICs are small ionization chambers designed to
measure x-ray and gamma ray exposures. E-PERMs
are ionization monitors designed to measure radon ex-
posure. The gamma tracer is a stand-alone, mounted,
and remotely operated gamma dose measuring detec-
tor. It measures gamma dose exposure in real time.
In the course of the vandalism and theft, the gamma
tracer was pulled out of alignment.
EPA visually inspects the air monitoring stations dai-
ly and remains linked to them remotely by computer at
all times. Hie community can also play an active role
in protecting this vital equipment by looking out for
any inappropriate activity at the monitoring stations.
Because this equipment is so important to EPA's
efforts to protect the community, it is important for
people to maintain their distance from locations where
it is installed. Besides ensuring the safety of the equip-
ment, EPA wants to ensure the technical integrity
of the data collected by the air monitoring system.
Interference with the equipment may result in faulty
air monitoring readings. Parents should watch chil-
dren and prevent them from climbing on the fencing
surrounding the air monitoring station. In addition to
the risks posed to the equipment, children could fall
from the fence and injure themselves.
EPA placed these stations around West Lake Landfill
at the request of the community, and EPA needs the
community's help to protect them. EPA has further
upgraded security for these stations. The Bridgeton
Police Department has pledged to increase patrols in
the area. If you see any suspicious or inappropriate
activity at the air monitoring stations, please contact
Officer Jason Maxwell at the Bridgeton Police Depart-
ment, (314) 739-7557; Walt Siemsglusz at the City of
Bridgeton Parks and Recreation office, (314) 739-5599;
or Ben Washburn at EPA Region 7, (913) 551-7364.
Any person who steals or vandalizes the air moni-
toring equipment could be subject to prosecution in
federal court. It is a federal criminal offense to steal
property owned by the U.S. Government. Federal law
(18 U.S.C.  641) provides up to 10 years imprison-
ment, and/or fines of up to $250,000, for someone
convicted of this offense.
Pre-Construction Work Plan Update
The pre-construction work plan submitted by the
Potentially Responsible Parties' contractor has been
approved by EPA, pending resolution of two issues.
EPA's approval letter to the contractor can be found
at the following link:
Upcoming CAG Meeting
The next Community Advisory Group meeting is
scheduled for Monday, July 21, at 6:30 p.m. at Oper-
ating Engineers Local 513, 3449 Hollenberg Drive,
Bridgeton, Mo. EPA encourages the community to
attend and become involved in the Superfund process
at the West Lake Landfill Site.
Community Inquiries
Ben Washburn
Washburn. Ben@ep
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