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e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Receiving Facilities
On June 30, 2018, EPA launched a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. This system
known as "e-Manifest," modernizes the nation's cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable
time, resources, and dollars for industry and states. EPA established e-Manifest per the Hazardous Waste Electronic
Manifest Establishment Act, which Congress enacted into law on October 5, 2012. e-Manifest is a multi-faceted program
that includes system development; regulation and policy; implementation and communication; and consultation with the
e-Manifest federal advisory committee.
What Receiving Facilities Need to
	e-Manifest launched nationwide on June 30, 2018.
	Receiving facilities have the option to create and submit
manifests electronically in e-Manifest.
	Receiving facilities may continue to use paper manifests;
however, use of electronic manifests is highly
encouraged by the EPA.
	Receiving facilities can use the e-Manifest system to
meet manifest recordkeeping requirements under the
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
	Receiving facilities must submit all manifests, both paper
and electronic, to EPA.
	EPA charges receiving facilities a fee for each manifest
submitted. Fees are differentiated based on how the
manifest is submitted.
	Receiving facilities must obtain an EPA Identification
number for billing purposes. To obtain an EPA ID
number, receivers can submit EPA's Site Identification
form (EPA form 8700-12).
	The 6-copy manifest form has been replaced with a 5-
copy form. The new form became effective on June 30,
Scope of e-Manifest	
e-Manifest facilitates the electronic transmission of the
uniform manifest form, which accompanies shipments of
hazardous waste. e-Manifest affects any regulated waste
shipped on a manifest, including:
	RCRA federal hazardous waste,
	Regulated PCB waste shipped on a manifest,
	State-regulated hazardous waste (if a manifest is
required by origination or destination state),
	Very Small Quantity Generator waste (if a manifest is
required), and
	Imported hazardous waste.
How e-Manifest Impacts Receiving
	The e-Manifest Act mandates that the system must
cover waste shipments for which either federal or state
law require a RCRA manifest for their tracking.
Shipments of state-regulated wastes that are not federal
RCRA wastes, but that are subject to the manifest under
state law, by either the origination state or the
destination state, must be included in the system.
Conversely, if a shipment is voluntarily shipped on a
manifest (i.e., not required to be manifested under either
state or federal law), these manifests are not required to
be submitted to EPA.
	Receiving facilities must register with e-Manifest to
receive and pay invoices; registering with e-Manifest
also allows receiving facilities to view electronic copies
of completed manifests, electronically make corrections,
and minimize costs of submitting manifests to EPA.
What Receiving Facilities Need to Do
Obtain EPA ID Number
State-regulated waste receiving facilities must obtain an EPA
ID number (e.g. "VAD123456789") to register with e-
Manifest to ensure that their site information is available in
RCRAInfo. To obtain an EPA ID Number:

	Submit an EPA form 8700-12 to your RCRA-authorized
state or EPA Region. The form can be found on
RCRAInfo Web at https://rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoweb.
	Sign up electronically through myRCRAid (this option is
only available for states that have opted in this
application; see:
e contacts.html.
Work with Customers to Select Manifest
Creation Option
The e-Manifest system allows for three types of hazardous
waste manifest creation options:
	Paper (generator, transporter, and receiving facility all
sign on paper)
	Hybrid (manifest is created electronically in e-Manifest.
A hard copy is then printed from the system and signed
by the generator and initial transporter on paper. The
signed hard copy is then left with the generator, while
the remainder of the manifest shipment is executed
electronically. The manifest is signed electronically by
the initial transporter, any other subsequent
transporters, and the receiving facility)
	Electronic (created in e-Manifest and electronically
signed by all entities listed on the manifest)
As of June 30, 2018, all receiving facilities must submit
manifests to EPA. Electronic and hybrid manifests are
submitted to EPA instantaneously, as they are signed
electronically by the receiving facility in the system. EPA's
Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) provides
the legal framework for electronic reporting under EPA's
regulatory programs. Those submitting final completed
manifests or subsequent corrections need to go through
identity proofing and use CROMERR-compliant electronic
signature (e.g., password plus personal challenge question).
If a paper manifest is used, the receiving facility must submit
the manifest to EPA within 30 days of receipt.
Receiving facilities can utilize the EPA's e-Manifest website
to create electronic manifests for their clients or they can
utilize the e-Manifest API (Application Programming
Interface) to exchange data between e-Manifest and their
existing manifesting system.
Select Manifest Submission Options and
Associated User Fee
Receiving facilities have several options for submitting
manifests to EPA. EPA charges a fee for every manifest
submitted to the system based on the manifest type and
mode of submission:
	Scanned image uploads incur higher fees.
	Data plus scanned image uploads incur moderate fees.
	Electronic manifests, including hybrid manifests, incur the
lowest fees.
EPA publishes user fees on the e-Manifest website.
Register with e-Manifest
e-Manifest registration and instructions are available at:
www.epa.gov/e-Manifest. Users can register for different
permissions related to whether they want to view, create,
and/or sign manifests electronically. Each user must register
separately. Additionally, EPA encourages receiving facilities
to register at least two "Site Managers" per EPA ID who, in
addition to all the permissions above, can also approve
other users in their company for e-Manifest access. Site
Managers receive and are responsible for paying monthly
Pay Your Invoice
Site managers will receive an electronic copy of their invoice
on the first day of the month after manifests were submitted
to EPA. Payments of user fees can be made to the U.S.
Department of Treasury through e-Manifest by clicking on
the "Pay Bill" button. This will pull up a popup window that
will allow you to make payments to U.S. Department of
Treasury's pay.gov website directly. EPA cannot accept any
other method of payment except through the e-Manifest
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