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2021 SmartWay Truck Carrier Partner Tool:
What's New in this Version?
Version 2.0.20 of the Truck Tool contains a number of updates and revisions to the prior version, 2.0.19.
These updates have been implemented to enhance the usefulness, clarity and accuracy of the Tool, and
are summarized below:
V-- New NOx, PM, and Black Carbon emission factors have been updated for 2020 from version 2014b of the
MOVES model.
Updated grams per kWhr emissions factors for electric trucks based on the 2019 GREET model.
V-- Validation ranges for vehicle fuel efficiency (miles per gallon, and miles per kWh for electric trucks) and
for reefer fuel use as a percent of total fuel use have been updated for 2020.
On the General Information screen, the user now indicates hybrid fuel type (diesel or gasoline) if their
fleet operates hybrid trucks. This selection has been moved from the Activity Information screen.
On the Activity Information screen, the user is now required to enter fuel used for engine power and fuel
used for reefer units separately. Previously these were entered as a single total.
"V Fuel used for reefer units is now entered directly on the Activity Information screen if applicable (moved
from the reefer fuel use calculator). There are three entry options for reefer unit fuel use: by truck class,
total use for all trucks of the specified fuel, and a default for the percent of total fuel (new).
Reefer fuel use has been added to the Activity Information report. The separate Reefer Fuel report is no
longer available.
The calculation for vehicle efficiency (MPG) is now only based on fuel used for engine power (and no longer
includes reefer fuel).
"V Calculations for fleet- and partner-level activity have been updated for some parameters in the Activity
Information report:
o Calculations for total fuel used for engine power now exclude electric trucks. (Electricity used
for electric trucks is specified in kWh and cannot be combined with gallons.)
o Calculations for vehicle efficiency now exclude electric trucks.
o Calculations for % urban/highway driving now exclude electric truck activity.
o Calculations for average idle hours per truck now exclude electric trucks.
V- Miscellaneous text and format updates for clarification.
EPA 420 F 21 001 | January 2021 | SmartWay Transport Partnership | epa.gov/smartway