How to Customize EPA's HABs Infographic Files:
Instructions for Federal, State, Territorial, Tribal and Local
Government Partners
EPA's harmful algal blooms (HABs) infographic files—both a detailed version (easily printable on
14" x 8.5" paper) and an abbreviated "handout" version (easily printable on 11" x 8.5" paper)
can be downloaded from EPA's website. Federal, state, territorial, tribal and local partners may
customize the bottom of the infographics by adding local information such as a logo, website
address, email address and/or telephone number.
To insert your local information into one of the infographic files, please follow these steps:
Opening the Infographic:
1.	Select the HABs infographic you would like to edit. Open the file in an Adobe PDF
reader. Here, we are using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
2.	Select "Tools" from the menu bar.
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3. Then select the "Edit PDF" icon. This should bring you back to the infographic view, but
notice that the text and images have formatting boxes around them. This indicates that
the infographic can now be edited.
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Editing Block with Website Information and Phone Number:
1.	Follow steps 1-3 above under "Opening the Infographic."
2.	Scroll to the bottom of the page and click inside the box containing the generic phone
number and URL. A cursor will appear. You may now edit the text.
a. Hint: The font used in this text box is Arial. You can change the font size and
color by selecting the options in the "FORMAT" panel that appears on the right
side of your screen.

Stay away from the water when a suspected HAB is present.
Play with scum	Let animals
or mats on	drink water, eat
the shore	algae or swim
(555) 123-4567 |
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3. After making your changes, be sure to save the file.
Editing the "Partner Logo" Space:
1.	Follow steps 1-3 above under "Opening the Infographic."
2.	Scroll to the bottom of the page and delete the partner logo placeholder.
a.	To delete, select the textbox that reads, "partner logo space." Right click the box
and select "Delete" from the window.
b.	Hint: If you right click and your only option is "Select All," you have selected the
text rather than the box itself. Try clicking away from the box, and putting your
pointer back on the "partner logo space" box so your pointer now looks like .
c. Depending on the shape of your logo, you may also want to delete the dashed
lines around the "partner logo space." Follow instructions above (see step 2.a.)
to delete these lines.
3.	Once the placeholder is deleted, select "Add Image" from the "Edit PDF" menu bar.
Edit PDF*	T Add	Link »
4.	Choose the logo you would like to add and select "Open."
5.	Your logo will appear as a transparent icon under your pointer. Simply click once to
place the image onto the PDF. You will be able to adjust its location after placing the

a.	Hint: After the logo is no longer transparent, you may find the logo appears
larger or smaller than you intended. You can resize the logo by clicking once on
your image, and then dragging one of the image's corners to the desired size.
b.	Hint: If you have added your logo and are unable to edit the infographic further,
be sure to select "Edit" on "Edit PDF" menu bar.
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6. After making your changes, be sure to save the file.