WaterSense Version 2
Labeled Homes Program
•	Home Certification Organization:
Independent organization responsible
for administering home verification
and certification to the WaterSense
Specification for Homes, Version 2.0.
•	WaterSense Approved Certification
Method: The EPA-approved process
the HCO administers to demonstrate
that a home meets WaterSense's
water efficiency requirement.
•	WaterSense Home Verifier: Individual
HCO trains and authorizes to verify (or
rate) homes in accordance with the
HCO's approved certification method.
•	Designee: Party (such as a Provider)
to whom the HCO has delegated
specific verification and certification
•	Provider: An organization that
commits to hire or contract with
inspectors, train inspectors, oversee
new home inspections, and issue
certification documentation for
inspected homes.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) released Version 2 of its WaterSense
Labeled Homes Program in February 2021. The
revised program provides flexibility to builders
while still meeting the water efficiency and
performance criteria that consumers expect
when they see the WaterSense label.
Savings and Performance
To earn the WaterSense label, homes are required to;
©Follow a Mandatory Checklist (shown on the next
page), which requires installation of WaterSense
labeled plumbing products and confirmation that the
home is free of visible water leaks.
OBe at least 30 percent more water-efficient than
typical new construction. Adhering to a WaterSense
Approved Certification Method (WACM) will
ensure the home meets this requirement.
EPA's revised program for homes utilizes the organizational
structures and processes of existing Home Certification
Organizations (HCOs) to ensure effective certification and
oversight occurs for WaterSense labeled homes.
EPA is responsible for reviewing and approving an HCO's
WACM. To earn the WaterSense label, a home needs to meet
the requirements of the Mandatory Checklist and demonstrate
that it achieves the required water efficiency level (30 percent
more efficient than typical new construction) using an
approved WACM,
WaterSense's home certification requirements, such as
quality assurance, verifier training, verification protocols, and
reporting, will be administered through an HCO's existing
certification processes. The certification of a home requires
a single verification that can be done in a one-time visit by a
WaterSense home verifier after the home is completed.
PHONE (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) WEBSITEwww.epa.gov/waterserise EMAILwatersense@epa.gov	cm-ojz-r-^ i-uu/
February 2021

Pressure-loss test on all water supplies detects no leaks
~ Yes ~ No
Free of visible leaks from toilet(s), as determined through visual
assessment and by conducting a dye tablet test in each toilet to
ensure the flapper is not leaking
~ Yes ~ No
Free of visible leaks from bathroom faucet(s)
~ Yes ~ No
Free of visible leaks from showerhead(s)
~ Yes ~ No
Free of visible leaks from bathroom tub faucet(s), i.e., tub spout(s),
when showerhead(s) is activated, as determine through visual
assessment after the showerhead has been activated for one minute
~ Yes ~ No
Free of visible leaks from kitchen and other sink faucet(s)
~ Yes ~ No
Free of visible leaks from other fixtures or appliances (e.g., water
heaters, clothes washers, dishwashers, hose bibbs, irrigation
systems) at point of use or point of connection to water distribution
~ Yes ~ No
WaterSense labeled
~ Yes ~ No
Bathroom sink faucets
WaterSense labeled
~ Yes ~ No
WaterSense labeled
~ Yes ~ No
Why a 30 Percent Savings Requirement?
WaterSense labeled homes are required to be at least 30 percent more water-efficient than typical new
construction. EPA has established this threshold to:
•	Maintain household water savings relative to the previous version of the WaterSense labeled
homes program.
•	Establish a benchmark that, while relatively rigorous, is universally achievable regardless of local
building market or climate.
•	Provide an appropriate balance of indoor and outdoor water efficiency measures across all
What Are the Benefits of WaterSense Labeled Homes?
WaterSense labeled homes are verified and certified to meet EPA's Mandatory Checklist and water
efficiency criteria. Some of the benefits of WaterSense labeled homes may include:
•	Savings that perform. WaterSense labeled homes are verified for performance as well as
efficiency, including WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures that are independently certified to use
less water and perform as well or better than standard models.
•	Quantifiable savings. Compared to typical new construction, the average family in a WaterSense
labeled home can save more than 50,000 gallons of water annually inside and out, as well as
over $700 in water and electricity costs per year. Water savings could be even higher in hot, dry
•	Peace of mind. Trained professionals conduct independent verifications to ensure that
WaterSense labeled homes meet EPA's criteria.
•	Outdoor ease. High-performing landscapes are designed to be low-maintenance and water-
efficient without sacrificing curb appeal. The addition of WaterSense labeled irrigation products
help homeowners water smarter.
Learn more about the WaterSense Labeled Homes Program, Version 2 at www.eDa.aov/watersense/homes.