March 18th-24th, 2013
^ ^ Fix a Leak Week
WaterSense partners and residential consumers alike rallied around the EPA's fifth annual Fix a Leak Week campaign to raise
awareness on the importance of finding and fixing leaks in the home. The week was a success by all measures, as integrated
promotions encouaged Americans to engage in educational events, participate in social media buzz, and (most importantly) to
take action on water-efficiency by making small changes in their homes!
Just like last year, Twitter proved to be a
dynamic tool to help spread the word about
Fix a Leak Week. In addition to regular tweets
to promote the campaign, WaterSense participated in three
#fixaleak "Twitter Party" chats that significantly increased
the use of the hashtag. Aside from the EPA-hosted chat,
#fixaleak was also the featured in both the weekly "Kitchen
& Bath Chat" and "ValleyCrest Landscape Chat." During each
dedicated one hour chat, WaterSense engaged directly with
the public in an open conversation outlining the "whys" and
"hows" of finding and fixing leaks. They provided a great
forum to share information, target new audiences, and offer
the public a chance to ask questions.
The WaterSense Facebook page saw a big
spike in engagement during Fix a Leak Week.
Daily posts provided supporting facts and
article links, as well as drew attention to several Fix a Leak
Week partner events.
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Some of the best Fix a Leak Week publicity came from traditional
media sources like print, online, broadcasts, and press releases
that highlighted the awareness efforts of WaterSense partners. In
addition to a considerable amount of local press coverage, several
media pieces were generated from high-profile national outlets such
as Consumer Reports, Yahoo! Homes, and The Washington Post. In
total, nearly 3,000 articles and press releases that centered around
the Fix a Leak Week message were able to garner over 440 million
impressions. We can call this a win!
WaterSense Partners from coast to coast took the Fix a Leak Week campaign as the opportunity to organize creative,
informative, and interactive events. There were more than 30 events across the U.S. and Canada. Here are some highlights:
Arizona Municipal Water Users Association
In honor of Fix a Leak Week 2013, AMWUA hosted the third annual "One
for Water" 4 mile race and family fun festival at Rio Vista Community Park in
Peoria, AZ. Over 150 people ran the course and friends and family gathered
to listen to music, eat, and learn how to fix leaks! Humor was a central theme
to the event as "Leaky Loo McFlapper" and "Rowdy Rotor" ran the race
alongside participants to remind them that this was the only way leaking
toilets and sprinkler heads are funny.
Charlottesville Water
,,x Fix a Leak
Family 5k
®	March 17. 2013
Charlottesville, VA promoted awareness for Fix a Leak Week by hosting the
"Fix a Leak Family 5K" to kick off the week. Participants did not let a little rain
dampen their enthusiasm to save water The event included local food vendors
and an educational table with information about how to fix leaks in the home
and WaterSense activity sheets for kids
North Georgia Water Planning District
With support from WaterSense partner, The Home Depot, the North Georgia
Water Planning District organized the first annual Water Drop Dash 5K.
Over 350 participants joined to take on the course along the banks of the
Chattahoochee River in Roswell, GA. The family friendly event included a
festival full of prizes, educational activities for kids, and photo ops with Flo.

Sonoma County Water Agency
The Sonoma County Water (CA) Agency partnered with the Sonoma-Marin
Saving Water Partnership to promote a Fix a Leak Week photo contest.
Participants uploaded photos of their leak-fixing efforts in the hopes of receiving
one of the five high-efficiency prize packs that included showerheads, kitchen
and bath faucet aerators, and a garden hose nozzle.
Regional Water Providers Consortium:
Clackamas, Multnomah, & Washington Co., OR
Drippy Drew, the leak detection gnome, encouraged contestants to submit photo
and video entries that depicted finding and fixing leaks around the home. The
winners were promoted on Facebook and competed for $500, $300, or $200
Lowe's gift cards.
City of Santa Rosa, California
As part of Fix a Leak Week, the City of Santa Rosa Water-Use Efficiency Team hosted a free showerhead exchange event at
local merchants throughout the city.
Madison Water Utility
During the week, Wisconsin's Madison Water Utility encouraged consumers to conduct dye tests to detect and fix toilet leaks
through their "Project H20" initiative. They offered rebates of up to $100 to customers who met eligibility requirements.
Central Arkansas Water
With the governor proclaiming Fix a Leak Week in Arkansas, customers visited the Central Arkansas Water office to pick up
WaterSense labeled showerheads, faucet aerators, and toilet leak detection tests and partnered with Lowe's to host Fix a Leak
seminars. Leak repair services were also provided to 80 qualifying low income or elderly customers.
AquaPro Solutions and Asheville, NC
AquaPro Solutions, LLC worked with the City of Asheville Department of Sustainability to distribute free water conservation
information, leak identification kits, showerheads, faucet aerators, and dual flush conversion kits to city residents. Local Green
Plumbers also offered discounted services during Fix a Leak Week.
Colorado Springs Utilities
Over 600 folks braved icy roads and snow to trade in their old showerheads for new water-
efficient ones at Colorado Springs Utilies' Conservation and Environmental Center The
event included an interactive exhibit demonstrating how WaterSense labeled fixtures save
water and perform compared to standard models, as well as a discussion by xeriscaping
specialists to encourage residents to convert to landscapes that need less water

WaterSense Partners in Texas
Numerous WaterSense partners in Texas planned events for Fix a Leak
Week, The City of Forth Worth partnered with The Home Depot to offer three
different do-it-yourself indoor leak-fixing workshop locations, and Arlington
Water Utilities planned "Fix a Leak" workshops at both The Home Depot and
Lowe's. The City of irving offered free residential indoor water audits, while
free leak-detecting dye tabs were available from the City of Laredo Utilities
Department and the City of Mesquite Water Conservation Office.
WaterSense Partners in New Mexico
New Mexico continued its "Bad Flapper" campaign in effort to find and fix leaks across the
state. Commercials for the campaign were shown at local movie theatres in Los Alamos and
Santa Fe Counties and on local news stations in Albuquerque, City of Rio Rancho, and Bernalillo
County. In addition, The City of Rio Rancho hosted a workshop on leaks and plumbing at a local
hardware store, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, Las Cruces Utility, and the
Office of the State Engineer gave away leak detection tablets.
City of Redding, CA, Water Utility
The City of Redding scheduled a free, drop—in workshop for customers to learn how to change a toilet flapper, read a water
meter/bill, and identify leaks inside and out. Free kits on how to "Be Water Smart!" were available for the first 250 participants.
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
In addition to encouraging residents and businesses to fix leaks and use WaterSense labeled products through a public
service announcement, the Commission held an event at Lowe's with information on how to identify leaks and demonstration
on how to repair them.
City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department
Our partners north of the border also participated in Fix a Leak Week, which
coincided with Canada Water Week. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the local utility
provided customers advice on how to find and fix leaks as well as how to get a
rebate to upgrade to a WaterSense labeled toilet. They also supported a Leak
Detector Challenge for Winnipeg schools where students took on the challenge
of finding leaks in their schools. They presented their findings to maintenance
staff to ensure that leaks would be fixed and educated their fellow students on
the importance of water conservation.
WaterSense would like to give a big thank you to ali of our
partners who helped make this year's Fix a Leak Week such
a success! We appreiciate your continued dedication to
spreading the message of water-efficiency.