More than 28 million homes across the United States have in-ground sprinkler
systems, and most of those systems schedule watering with some sort of clock-
based device. As a result, many homeowners waste water by irrigating their
landscapes when they may not need it. Experts estimate that as much as half the
water we use outdoors may go to waste due to inefficient irrigation methods and
systems. Take control of your controller with a WaterSense labeled weather-
based or soil moisture-based model.
WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers can replace or
upgrade clock-based controllers to better tailor watering
schedules for landscapes. These smart technologies
can override scheduled irrigation when there is
sufficient moisture available so plants don't need water.
Weather-based irrigation controllers tailor watering
times based on local weather and landscape
conditions, allowing irrigation schedules to better match
plant water needs. Plants get water that is needed
when it is needed.
Soil moisture-based irrigation controllers—also
known as soil moisture sensors—are a technology that
can detect the amount of moisture in the ground.
Both types of WaterSense labeled controllers can be
purchased as stand-alone controllers or installed with
existing controllers as "add-on" or "plug-in" devices that
can be used in tandem with an existing clock-based
device to help water more efficiently.
These WaterSense labeled controllers, along with
WaterSense labeled spray sprinkler bodies, provide
consumers with a variety of smart irrigation technology
options. With proper installation, programming, and
maintenance, homeowners and businesses will reduce
water waste outdoors and promote plant health.
WaterSense labeled irrigation controller image courtesy of Rachio.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
estimates that installing a WaterSense labeled irrigation
controller can save an average home with an automatic
landscape irrigation system up to 15,000 gallons of
water annually.
Homeowners and landscapers can
look for both types of WaterSense
labeled controllers for a new irrigation
system or to upgrade an existing one.
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A rn/V EPA-832-F-21-003
February 2021