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Featured Partner: Brown Trucking
Brown Trucking is a Southeast regional
dedicated short haul dry van truckload carrier,
operating primarily in nine Southeastern
states with more than 1,000 power units and
nearly 5,000 trailers. Operations are highly
decentralized, with 22 local terminals, many
of which are on-site at a dedicated customer.
Brown Trucking is the truckload subsidiary of
Brown Integrated Logistics, Inc.
For more information, visit our websites:
www.brownintegratedlogistics.com and
Contact Kevin Slaughter, President of Brown Trucking
at kslaughter® browntrucking.com, or (770) 482-6521.
Brown Trucking Promotes
Efficiency through Technology,
People and Process
Brown Trucking is committed to being an active SmartWay
Partner by constantly working to improve all aspects of our
operations, especially improving the fuel efficiency of our
power units, reducing emissions and eliminating waste.
Operating in a short-haul, largely urban environment with
a lot of equipment spending time on surface streets creates
challenges in finding meaningful improvements, but the
upgrades are paying off as we implement the changes.
— Brian Kinsey, CEO, Brown Trucking

Joining SmartWay in 2008 as an incentive to reduce its carbon footprint was a strategic
move for Brown Trucking. Brown used SmartWay resources to improve efficiency through
technology, people, and process. Fuel economy improved from 5.7 MPG to 6.4 MPG, idle
gallons were reduced by 35%, and driver coaching helped eliminate inefficiencies and
waste. Brown Trucking believes that never being satisfied with how things are today will
lead to a better tomorrow.
fuel savings
As a SmartWay Partner, Brown Trucking has invested in numerous technologies to improve
efficiency. Use of wide-based tires and aluminum wheels on drive axles reduced weight and
lowered rolling resistance. Rear end ratio was reduced to improve fuel economy. Ten-minute
automatic idle shutdowns were installed and all company trucks were optimized with
progressive shifting programming to reduce engine over-speeding. Purchase of solar
powered trailer satellites eliminated waste batteries, as well as reducing miles-traveled for
their replacement. For low-carbon comfort, battery powered APU installation was completed
on sleeper tractors to cool drivers in the heat of summer, and keep them warm in winter -
without running the engine.
EPA-420-F-21-0111 January 20211 SmartWay Transport Partnership | epa.gov/smartway

Featured Partner: Brown Trucking (continued)
Drivers were coached to reduce idle gallons, which saved resources while providing the
environmental benefit of reduced emissions. With this success of reducing idle gallons
by 35%, Brown plans to expand coaching on any behavior that creates inefficiencies and
waste. As a SmartWay Partner, Brown Trucking leveraged knowledge it gleaned from
peers participating in the program, as well as from their suppliers. Brown works weekly
with major customers to reduce empty miles on dedicated trucks and provide customers
with key performance indicators (KPIs) to help them more efficiently plan and load freight.
Business practice ultimately helps to drive operational and technological improvements.
Brown Trucking joined SmartWay with the goals of reducing its carbon footprint while also
reducing operating costs. Some practices implemented included setting road speed at
65mph to improve fuel economy and safety, implementing a solar unit replacement plan
of 15 per week until the entire fleet is converted, and setting a timeline to have 100% of
its road tractors Certified Clean Idle by end of year 2017.*
By implementing a new mobile scanning app, drivers are now able to submit their
paperwork remotely, eliminating the need to drive additional miles for the sole purpose
of submitting paperwork. Brown also engaged a 3rd party consulting service to improve
load and route optimizations.
Brown Trucking is committed to being an active SmartWay Partner
by constantly working to improve all aspects of operations.
Note: California Air Resources Board (CARB) "Certified Clean Idle" label
Effective in 2008, CARB requires heavy-duty diesel engines that run in California to have added controls or auxiliary equipment to reduce emissions
during idling.

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