United States
Environmental Protectior
East Baton Rouge, Louisiana
April 2012
This Fact Sheet will tell you about...
	Site History
	Enhance Plume Attenuation
	Current Actions
	Future Plans
	Community Involvement
Site History
The PPI site was originally used as a depository for
various petrochemical waste products during the 1960s
and the 1970s. In July 1980, the U.S. Justice Department
filed suit against PPI and Industry Defendants, alleging
that they disposed wastes at this facility. On February
16, 1984, the U.S. Federal District Court, Middle
District of Louisiana issued an order approving a
Consent Decree for a remedial action.
	Initial Remedy
The initial response action specified the design of a vault
and the complete closure of the site by excavating,
solidifying and land-filling all visible waste along with
recovery of deeper waste and treatment by incineration.
After initiating this response, air monitoring
demonstrated releases of volatile organics to the air
above the previously agreed fence line concentrations.
	Final Remedy
A supplemental investigation was conducted and a
Supplemental Remedial Action Plan was approved. This
plan provided for hydraulic containment and recovery,
coupled with incineration. Through additional
investigations, the remedial plans were expanded or
modified to protect potential threats to human health and
the environment. These plans were implemented and
o Placement of a protective covering over the
original open pits (known as the Brooklawn and
Scenic Sites)
o Source reduction by pumping treatment and
removal of contaminated groundwater
o Protective fill over Bayou Baton Rouge
distributaries near the Brooklawn PPI location
(known as the Bayou/adjacent wetland area)
o Monitoring that natural attenuation takes place
o Sampling the groundwater sediments, biota and
the air to monitor the effectiveness of the actions
o Conducting future modeling and inspection
o Continue updating of groundwater modeling
o Placing administrative controls to limit access to
the site.
These actions were implemented and a long term
monitoring program was initiated.
In July 2003, the site received Construction Complete
Five-Year Reviews had been completed on December
22, 2005, and December 28, 2010. These reviews found
that the remedy implemented remains protective of
public health and the environment.
Currently the site is in the operation and maintenance
phase, while further modeling, monitoring, and
inspection activities continue to be implemented to
ensure protection of human health and the environment.
Enhance Attenuation (EA)
An investigation was initiated in 2003 to assess the fate
and transport of dissolved contaminants from the Scenic
site and update the transport model. The investigation
included further evaluation of the shallow groundwater
(the +20 MSL zone) where monitoring found some
contaminants not degrading as fast as predicted.
Enhance plume attenuation is a viable remedial
alternative to accelerate compliance with the
groundwater remedial objectives. Therefore the shallow
groundwater was further investigated in 2004, 2005 and
2006 to define the edges of this zone (the +20 MSL
zone). Once identified, pilot testing for EA was initiated
at the Scenic site in 2009.
After successful testing, construction of two near source
treatment zones was proposed in 2010 to augment the
natural attenuation process. These treatment zones were
built and EA activities were initiated with the injection
of molasses to enhance biological activity in 2011.

Current Actions
EA is ongoing at the near source (Scenic) treatment
zones and plans to investigate the effects of this process
at the end of the plume are underway.
Early this year the installation of monitoring, injection
and extraction wells was completed at the distal end, on
property of the Louisiana State Police.
Pilot testing of EA will be conducted during the next 12
months, and if successful, full implementation of an EA
distal treatment zone is planned.
Future Plans
Annual Long Term Monitoring of the implemented
actions at the Brooklawn, Scenic and Bayou/wetland
area continues.
With the implementation of EA at the near source
treatment zones, monitoring continues as well as
monitoring of the EA pilot testing process at the distal
end of the plume. Future injections of substrate,
molasses, will be injected as needed to support the
enhanced biological activity.
Since PPI wastes remain onsite at the Petro-Processors
of Louisiana, Inc. Site, EPA will perform site reviews at
a minimum of every five years to determine if the
cleanup at the site is still protecting public heath and the
EPA and the State will continue to monitor the site
between reviews. If at any time you have concerns or
questions about the site, let EPA know. You can contact
EPA by calling 800.533.3508 (toll-free).
Community Involvement
We want to hear from you. EPA will consider any
information or concerns that you may have about the
site. If you are familiar with the site, you may know
things that can help us. Here are some examples:
	Broken fences, unusual odors, illegal dumping,
or other problems;
	Buildings or land being used in new ways
around the site;
	Any unusual activities at the site such as
vandalism or trespassing; and
	How the cleanup at the site has helped the area.
The public may contact the EPA or local state officials
with any questions or concerns they may have.
For More Information, Please contact...
Bartolome Canellas
Remedial Program Manager
U.S. EPA Region 6 (6SF-RP)
Tel: 214.665.6662 or Toll Free: 800.533.3508
Email: canellas.bart@epa.gov
Jason T. McKinney
Community Involvement Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region 6 (6SF-VO)
Tel: 214.665.8132 or Toll-free: 800.533.3508
Email: Mckinnev.iason@epa.gov
Keith Horn, Staff Environmental Scientist
Louisiana Department of
Environmental Quality
P. O. Box 4312
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821-4312
Tel: 225.219.3687 or Toll Free: 866.896.5337
Email: Keith.Horn@LA.GOV
For press inquiries, please call, EPA Press Office, at
214.665.2208 or 214.665.2261.
On The Web....
You can find more information about the Region 6
Superfund program on EPA's Region 6 website:
or to be added to the mailing list call 800.533.3508
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