(A) West Lake Update
MiprApril 10,2015	-L
EPA Releases Summary Report of H2S,
S02, and CO Off-Site Air Monitoring
Seagull technician putting up the radiello monitors at the St.
Charles Fire station location.
In 2014, EPA Region 7 conducted off-site air moni-
toring at five locations surrounding the West Lake
Landfill with the purpose of establishing baseline air
quality conditions to compare with readings col-
lected during any on-site construction. This effort
was specifically designed to measure any potential
radiological contaminants in the air. The monitors
also collected data on volatile organic compounds
(VOCs) as well as hydrogen sulfide (1128), sulfur
dioxide (S02), and carbon monoxide (CO).
Region 7 has now released a report summariz-
ing the results for II2S, S02, and CO. That report
is available online: www.epa.gov/region7/cleanup/
sumary-rae.pdf The data recorded from this moni-
toring will only be used as a baseline to compare
with any future data collected at those monitoring
locations. This data is not suitable to use as a basis
for comparison with health-based standards.
EPA's efforts to monitor the air and conduct a
thorough scientific analysis are vital to ensuring that
future construction activities are protective of public
health. Previously, EPA Region 7 released a report
summarizing the air monitoring results for radio-
logical contaminants and the VOCs. That report
demonstrated that the levels of radiation and VOCs
in the air at those monitoring stations were consis-
tent with other midwestern cities.
Since EPA has collected the required baseline data,
four of the five monitoring stations were phased out
of operation in March. The Agency will continue to
operate the monitor in Spanish Village for radiologi-
cal contaminants until it has one full year of radia-
tion data from that location. At that time, EPA will
reevaluate the need for further monitoring at the
Spanish Village location.
While the data demonstrating that levels of radia-
tion and VOCs in the air are similar to other cities
may be encouraging for area residents, EPA also
recognizes that neighbors of Bridgeton Landfill
continue to experience issues with odors from that
landfill. The state of Missouri, through the Missouri
Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri
Attorney General's Office, has taken strong action
to require the mitigation of odors emanating from
the South Quarry of the Bridgeton Landfill. Those
actions include requiring the installation of a vinyl
cover to trap fugitive gases escaping from the land-
fill and the construction of a leachate pre-treatment
Next CAG Meeting
The next Community Advisory Group meeting is
scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 13 at the
offices of Operating Engineers Local 513, 3449 Iiol-
lenberg Drive, Bridgeton, Mo. EPA Region 7 repre-
sentatives plan to attend the meeting.
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