fcSz) West Lake Update
June 15,2015
EPA Completes Yearlong Monitoring
Effort in Spanish Village
In May 2014, EPA began off-site air monitoring in
five areas around the West Lake Landfill to document
baseline conditions prior to any potential on-site con-
st ruction
I or work
| related to
a potential
EPAs ef-
forts to
the air and
conduct a
EPAs air monitoring station in Spanish Village, near thorough
the West Lake Landfill. EPA plans to shut down the scientific
air monitor on July 30.	analysis are
vital to be able to ensure any construction activities are
protective of public health. Hie main purpose of EPAs
monitoring system was to sample for alpha, beta, and
gamma radiation, and typical solid waste landfill gases,
including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
available to the public once all appropriate quality
control procedures have taken place.
Sonic Coring Sampling Underway at West
Lake Landfill
Since EPA has collected the required baseline VOC
data, four of the five stations ceased operating in Feb-
ruary 2015. EPA has continued to operate the moni-
tor in Spanish Village since February for radiological
contaminants, compiling one full year of radiation
data at that location. EPA will cease operation of the
air monitoring station in Spanish Village at the end of
The last date of radiological constituent data collec-
tion at the Spanish Village air monitoring station will
be July 30. EPA will then inventory and remove all
equipment from the area. EPA will also shut down
and remove the office trailer located at the Robertson
Fire Protection District by mid-August.
EPA is confident that the results of the radiation
and VOC data collected to date provide a sufficient
baseline from which to compare any future off-site air
monitoring for those compounds.
EPA expects the final air monitoring reports from
the Spanish Village station to be available in Septem-
ber. EPA will make the final air monitoring reports
Hie core samples will be visually inspected and
scanned for gamma radiation.
After core logging and gamma scanning of the core
material is completed, samples for laboratory analysis
will be identified, collected, and shipped in batches to
the analytical laboratories. The samples will be dried
and ground to promote consistency. They will be
analyzed for the following isotopes: Radium-226, Ra-
dium-228, Thorium-230, Thorium-232, Uranian-234,
Uranian-238, Actinium-227, Potassium-40, Protac-
tinium-231, Scandium, and Lead-210.
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under EPA oversight perform
drill sampling at the West
Contractors under EPA oversight began the Phase
ID Gamma Cone Penetration Testing (GCPT) at the
West Lake Landfill
in May. The GCPT
testing served as
a screening tool
prior to the confir-
mation sampling
conducted by
the sonic coring
sampling drill rig.
Contractors have
completed the
GCPT testing and
thp eonir rnrincr Contractors under EPA oversight perform
 sonic coring drill sampling at the West
sampling is cur- Lake Landfill on June 8, 2015. The sam-
rentlv underwav at P^ni ^e S',L'Z5 being conducted in order
u r j-crr	to further define locations of radiologically
the landfill.	impacted material within the landfill.