WQX User Meeting
June 25, 2020
There was a total of 40 participants.
The next WQX User Call is scheduled for July 23, 2020.
1.	HMW 2.0 Release
2.	WQX QA service, Data Retrieval in R - Laura Shumway
3.	Open discussion
1. HMW 2.0 Release (email from Kiki on release)
How's My Waterway is a tool that assembles publicly available water quality data into a user-
friendly package that provides information on water quality in our nation's waters. Map-centric
and mobile-friendly, How's My Waterway works on all different screen sizes—from desktop
computers and tablets to mobile phones.
Our goal is that EPA, our partners and the public will use How's My Waterway to learn about
water, explore data and find out what's happening to improve the health of our waters. The tool
provides the public with an easily accessible and understandable summary of water quality at
the community-, state- and national-level.
•	Community: Learn about the health of local waters, identify challenges and learn about
what's being done to restore or protect the waters. Find out more about your drinking
water. Discover if waters in your community are suitable for swimming or eating fish
and if they support aquatic life.
•	State: Choose a state to find basic facts about a state's waters, summaries of specific
water assessments, a statewide survey of water quality and state drinking water
•	National: Learn about water quality across the nation (lakes, rivers and streams,
wetlands and coastal areas) and the main challenges to our water resources nationwide.
You will also find information about national drinking water quality and national
drinking water metrics.
We hope that you might spend a moment to enter your zip code on How's My Waterway
( and explore the waters near you.
2. WQX QA service, Data Retrieval in R - Laura Shumway
Data Retrieval Package was demonstrated to query data QA services directly from the Water
quality Portal. It is different from the Discovery Tool which does not do any outlier statistics. It
keeps all the data. The Data Retrieval Package can be used to hang it off the WQP.
Example spreadsheet and code can be accessed here. Please note this is working code.
WQX User Meeting -June 25, 2020

Download the Code for WQX QA statistics.txt ("CA statistics code.R") via the following url: You can change the code to work for your
state by simply changing "CA" everywhere in the code to your state abbreviation.
Please to contact the Help Desk for additional information or demonstrations of the WQX QA
3. Open discussion
QAQC Services will be available via both WQP download services and WQX submission services.
One of the issues brought to the help desk was an undocumented conditional requirement for
method speciation. Nutrient guidance has been published stating that nutrient characteristics
requires method speciation for their business use. This business rule was implemented in WQX 3.0
and in WQX 2.2 which is compatible with WQX 2.1. Please review the Characteristic (ZIP) |
(XML) domain values for a detailed list of characteristics requiring sample fraction, method
speciation or analytical method.
The WQX Data Exchange Template 2.2 documentation has been updated and can be found at ftp
site ( Data Exchange Template v2.2.xls').
This will also be cited in the exchange network's WQX data flow.
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