What are Innovative Projects?
What are Innovative Projects?	
Each year, OSWER sets aside money to fund creative approaches to land and cleanup programs, such
as waste minimization, energy recovery, recycling, land revitalization, and homeland security, which
may be replicated across various sectors, industries, communities, and regions. Regions and Program
offices are encouraged to submit innovative proposals to receive contractor assistance to turn their
ideas into reality. To date, more than 75 projects have been funded with over $3.5 million awarded.
Projects can be funded up to $50 thousand.
OSWER is looking for office and regional personnel to think creatively and compose proposals that will
develop new approaches, practices, and technologies that can make environmental protection more
practical, more effective, and less costly. Projects can be risky, making them difficult to support from
the home office or region. It is OSWER's hope that once implemented, each proposal's outcome will
be a positive impact towards addressing our greatest environmental challenges.
Whv were Innovative Projects initiated bv OSWER?	
EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) initiated innovations projects to
encourage the development of creative solutions to environmental problems such as improving the
rate of recycled municipal waste and reused industrial materials, cleaning up and revitalizing
contaminated lands, responding to an increasing number of natural disaster, and global climate
How Does OSWER Select a Proposal?	
Proposals are selected by the Innovations Work Group (IWG) made up of representatives from HQ
offices and regions. Each proposal is evaluated and scored both at an individual level and through
group discussions. The IWG then meets for an intense two-day meeting to discuss the strongest
proposals and rank the top proposals for funding.
What Makes an Excellent Proposal?	
	Creating an innovative idea to address environmental challenges
	Using a comprehensive approach to achieve desired outcomes
	Identifying robust partnerships that will provide matching funds or services
	Clearly outlining outcomes, outputs, deliverables and expected completion dates
	Proving evaluation of transparency and transferability
How Can I AppIv?	
	IPCO will contact OSWER Innovation Workgroup (IWG) members to request proposals
	This internal process will be communicated by IWG members through e-mails to their
respective offices and regional managers
	ONLY IWG members may submit proposals
When Are Proposals Due?	
The initial call to announce the availability of innovation money varies from year to year, but typically
starts in the late spring. Proposals are due around six weeks after the call. Projects are selected
towards the end of July.