Join EPA and the Washington State Department of Ecology
Bainbridge Island, Washington	December 2012
The Wyckoff/'Eagle Harbor Superfund Site cleanup is important for Bainbridge Island and our region. The
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Ecology would like to
share information on progress made at the site, and about future work.
You're Invited to a Public Meeting
An informal Open House/Poster Session will
be held from 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. Drop by any time
to view displays. EPA and Ecology staff will be
available to answer your questions.
Beginning at 6:30, EPA and Ecology staff will give
presentations about the site, followed by a question and
answer period.
Come Learn About:
•	Brief history of the site
•	Results of monitoring of the sediment caps in
Eagle Harbor
•	Results of EPA's third Five-Year Review for the
entire site
•	Progress on potential options for cleaning up
remaining contamination along beach areas on
the east and north portions of the site
Where: Strawberry Hill Center
7666 High School Road
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
When; December 11, 2012
6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Ecology's Generational Remedy Evaluation
Report, a study of possible solutions to remove
and treat site contaminants beneath the Point
EPA's progress on the "Focused Feasibility
Study" to evaluate cleanup alternatives for the
East Beach and North Shoal Areas, and for the
Schedule for completion and future
opportunities for public comment on key
decision documents
Different Cleanup Approaches — Some History
EPA and Ecology share a common interest in
addressing the challenging issues posed by the
Wyckoff/'Eagle Harbor site.
Since 2000, EPA has completed a great deal of
work at the site. To date, over $150 million has been
spent on cleanup activities, including building a new
groundwater treatment plant and installing a sheet
pile wall around the most contaminated area of the
EPA believes the risks to people's health and the
environment from the site are under control, and
that the site is stable and will continue to be with
ongoing groundwater treatment.
Ecology has concerns with EPA's containment
remedy for the former Wyckoff process area. The
main concerns are:
p The long-term environmental consequences of
leaving large amounts of mobile contamination
beneath the former process area, given its sensi-
tive location on the shores of Puget Sound, and
p The financial and logistical burden placed on
the State and Bainbridge Island community.
Costs to operate and maintain the containment
remedy in perpetuity could require hundreds of
millions of dollars.
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Wyckoff/Eagle Harbor Superfund Site Cleanup Public Information Meeting
Different Cleanup Approaches—Some History
Due to their concerns, in September 2009, Ecology
began a generational remedy evaluation to study
other solutions that would reduce site contaminants.
Members of the Bainbridge Island community
were involved in the evaluation, and a workshop of
technical experts was held to present possible cleanup
ideas. The evaluation was finished in August 2010,
and results presented in the Wyckoff Generational
Remedy Evaluation Report.
A New Look at Source Removal
EPA is taking Ecology's concerns into consideration to
evaluate permanent solutions for the site. The agency is
taking a new look at options for source removal, mean-
ing removing large amounts of mobile contamination.
This includes treatment for contaminants beneath the
Wyckoff former process area.
EPA believes that source removal plays an important
role in the cleanup in that it removes the principle
threats to people's health and the environment posed
by the site. In addition, source removal and treatment
technologies have advanced, and the agency is hopeful
treatment may work to help clean up the site.
The Path Forward: At this time, epa and
Ecology believe we can work together on a positive
path forward for the Wyckoff cleanup and move toward
an effective remedy that includes source removal. Both
agencies want a technically sound and cost effective
cleanup that protects Bainbridge Island people and the
environment, as well as the larger Puget Sound region,
for many years to come. Results of the evaluation of
source removal options will be used to propose a long-
term cleanup plan for public comment. Once public
comment on the cleanup plan is received, EPA will
select a cleanup option which will be documented in
an amended Record of Decision.
Site Background
The Wyckoff/Eagle Harbor Superfund Site is on the
east side of Bainbridge Island, Washington, in central
Puget Sound. It encompasses the former Wyckoff
wood-treating facility (operated from 1903-1988), a
former shipyard, and roughly 500 acres of contami-
nated sediments located next to these former facilities
in Eagle Harbor.
The site is divided into four program work areas
called "operable units." The four operable units are:
West Harbor, East Harbor, Soil, and Groundwater.
In the past, creosote, oil, and other wood-treatment
chemicals were used at the site. These chemicals
have left high levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons,
pentachlorophenol, and dioxins in soil, groundwater,
and in seeps on beaches next to the site. These
contaminants are at the site in three forms:
dissolved contaminants, liquid lighter than water
(light non-aqueous phase liquid), and liquid heavier
than water (dense non-aqueous phase liquid).
The most severe contamination is found in the
upper aquifer groundwater underneath the site's
former process area. There is also a lower aquifer
at the site, separated from the upper aquifer by a
clay layer, called an aquitard. The lower aquifer
has lower concentrations of contaminants than the
upper aquifer. The aquitard reduces movement of
The Eagle Harbor sediments were also polluted
with organic compounds from the wood treating
operations, along with heavy metals such as mercury,
lead, copper, and zinc from shipyards.

Wyckojf/Eagle Harbor Superfund Site Cleanup Public Information Meeting
City of
Bai abridge Island
Eagle Harbor
Property Line
For More	In
Howard Or lean, EPA Project Manager
800-424-4372 ext. 2851
Chung Ki Yee, Ecology Project Manager
Find Site Documents
View technical documents, fact sheets and other
documents related to the cleanup:
Online, visit: rlO/cleanup.nsf/ sites/wyckoff
If you wish to see the documents firsthand, go to:
EPA Superfund Records Center
Toll-free: 800-424-4372 ext. 4494
1200 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Call for an appointment
Bainbridge Public Library
1270 Madison Avenue
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Call for hours
If you would like to be added to the Wyckoff/Eagle
Harbor Superfund Site mailing list to receive updates
on site activities, contact Debra Sherbina at sher- or 800-424-4372, ext. 0247. If
you received this fact sheet directly, you are already on
the mailing list.

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