Water Sector Incident Command System Training
What is ICS?
ICS, or the Incident Command System, is standardized,
on-scene, all hazard incident management concept. It is
the system now used to respond to all domestic incidents
Why is Water Sector Incident Command System
(ICS) Training being offered?
Feedback from utilities, states, EPA regions, and other
stakeholders indicates that water sector-specific ICS training is a priority need for 2006. This
new 1-day ICS workshop sponsored by the EPA Water Security Division will help water and
wastewater utilities to better understand ICS, how to implement ICS within their own emergency
response plans (ERPs), and how to integrate with other first responders within an expanding ICS
What topics will be covered at the Water Sector ICS Training?
The ICS training will cover:
	ICS basics		Transfer of Command/Briefings
	Establishing an ICS		Demobilization
structure within your utility		Unified Area Command
	Incident/Resource typing
Who should attend the Water Sector ICS Training?
Small, medium and large water and wastewater utilities, water sector trainers, state drinking
water primacy agencies, and federal workers with an active role in water sector emergency
response should attend this training.
Why should I attend the Water Sector ICS Training?
First, it is vital to understand ICS as this incident management system is the national standard for
responding to any incident anywhere in the U.S. Second, using ICS is required by NIMS. Third,
certificates of participation are being offered for those individuals wishing to pursue CEUs.
Finally, FEMAIS-100 (Introductory ICS) certification will be available to all participants.
What are the dates for the Water Sector ICS Training?
Please log on to www.horsleywitten.com/ICStraining for a complete listing of
locations and dates, to view a detailed agenda, and to register for the workshop.