oEPA Potential for Future Use

Uravan Uranium Project (Union Carbide) Superfund Site

State Highway 141, Uravan, Colorado 81436

ReadifieSS for Use: The land underlying Highway 141 and
within the highway's easement supports unrestricted use. The site's
potentially responsible party will transfer portions of the site to the
U.S. Department of Energy's Legacy Management program, the
Bureau of Land Management and Montrose County for management.

Restricted Use: When implemented, institutional controls will
restrict installation of groundwater wells, use of groundwater and
San Miguel River surface water, and prohibit land uses that could
compromise the remedy.


	The 680-acre site is located in rural, mountainous Montrose County.

	The San Miguel River and several highways and roads run adj acent
to and across the site.

	In 1912, radium-recovery operations began on site. From the
1940s until 1984, a uranium and vanadium processing facility
operated at the site.Processing operations resulted in radioactive
residues and site-wide contamination.

	Publicly-accessible County Road Y-ll remains in use on the site.
Other parts of the site support seasonal cattle grazing.

	Surrounding land uses include recreational hunting, fishing,
camping and rafting; mine reclamation; exploration drilling
activities; and cattle grazing.

	Surrounding population: 0.5 mile, 0 people; 2.5 miles, 0 people; 4
miles, 1 person.

Remedial Status:

	Cleanup began at the site in 1987 and included securing and
revegetating tailings, disposing of radioactive materials, addressing
former process ponds, pumping and treating contaminated
groundwater, dismantling two mills, soil treatment and disposal,
and dismantling and cleaning up the town of Uravan.

	EPA deleted a 10-acre portion of the site from the National Priorities
List in 2005 and the Highway 141 portion of the site in 2007.

	Cleanup activities were completed in 2008 but groundwater
monitoring continues.


Fran Costanzi

Superfund Redevelopment Coordinator

(303) 312-6571

costan/i. Frances// cpa.gov

Site Summary:


Disclaimer: EPA does not warrant that the property is suitable for any particular use.

Any prospective purchaser must contact the property owner for sale potential.

jl Uravan,

Uravan, Colorado: The site is located in
soutlnvest Colorado, 50 miles south of

A view of the site's mountainous terrain.

A portion of the site.

An sign located near the site along Highway 141
describing uranium mining and site operations.

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August 2013