\j j	March 20-26,2017
4' Fix a Leak Week
WaterSense partners showed their full support for the 9th Annual Fix a Leak Week
held March 20-26, 2017. The entire week was ablaze with 5k runs, interactive
workshops, giveaways, and contests to help people find and fix leaks in their homes
and put a stop to the more than 1 trillion gallons of water wasted from household
leaks each year.
Many partners hosted social media campaigns and
distributed giveaways to spread the word on water
•	Throughout the week, Cobb County Water System
in Georgia posted a daily video on their Twitter
account on detecting and repairing leaks throughout
the home.
•	The City of Phoenix created a promotional video
about the importance of finding and fixing leaks. The
city also posted leak fact infographics at libraries, City
Hall, pay stations, and its customer call center, and
hosted a social media contest.
•	American Standard held a Facebook giveaway
contest. Each day, two randomly selected followers
won an American Standard WaterSense labeled faucet.
A special thanks goes to the Arizona Municipal Water
Users Association for hosting this year's Twitter
party. More than 120 participants posted or retweeted
messages using the hashtag #fixaleak.
Partners also hosted races and contests and provided
classroom outreach to generate excitement about
fixing leaks.
•	The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning
District held its fifth annual Water Drop Dash 5k and
Water Festival to encourage residents to check their

* 4
Partner Event Map located on the WaterSense Facebook page.
plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks.
There was also a kids' fun run/walk and a post-race
festival featuring giveaways and activities.
•	The City of Charlottesville in Virginia held its annual
Fix a Leak Week Family 5k, where participants chased a
literal running toilet and learned how to fix leaks in their
•	The City of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, invited
local schools and families to participate in its Leak
Detector Challenge to track down leaks at school and at
. The 3rd Annual "CHASING LEAKS" 5K Run/
Walk presented by The Fort Worth Runners Club in
partnership with the City of Fort Worth offered free
shirts for the first 200 online registrations. Entrants
who dressed up as a leak detective, a running toilet, or a
flapper, were eligible to win a cash reward.
June 2017

Several partners hosted workshops to encourage
consumers to find and fix leaks, and others provided
consumers with free water audits and system
•	The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed
Management hosted educational events throughout
Fix a Leak Week, where consumers learned how
to identify and fix leaks, install WaterSense labeled
showerheads and faucet aerators, and how rain barrels
and compost bins can improve indoor and outdoor
water efficiency.
•	Citrus County Utilities in Florida held its 10th
annual Water Conservation Expo. Attendees received
free WaterSense labeled aerators and showerheads,
and toilet leak detection tablets. They also received tips
on reading their water bill and checking for leaks.
•	The City of Dallas hosted two free Do-It-Yourself
Plumbing Repairs Workshops, where attendees
learned how to perform minor repairs to save water
and help lower their water bills.
Fix A Leak Week 2018 will be:
March 19 through 25
Social Media/Outreach Campaigns:
•	City of Winnipeg (Manitoba) Water and Waste
•	Rowland (California) Water District
•	Zone 7 Water Agency (California)
•	City of Arcadia (California)
•	City of Concord (New Hampshire)
•	City of Madison (Wisconsin)
•	City of Roseville (California)
•	Rowland (California) Water District
•	Strathcona County (Alberta)
Additional Workshops
•	Capital Regional District (British Columbia)
•	City of Durham (North Carolina) Department of
Water Management
•	City of Frisco (Texas)
•	Fulton County (Georgia) Public Works—Water
•	Ute Water Conservancy District (Colorado)
Fort Worth Water in Texas partnered with WaterSense to reach out to the city's Latino/Hispanic community
for Fix a Leak Week. The outreach included events where newly created Spanish language materials and kits
containing toilet dye tabs, an aerator and a WaterSense labeled showerhead were distributed. The pop-up events
featured artwork made by Manuel Jara Elementary School students. Spanish-language handouts were created using
a "Loteria" theme, a traditional game in Mexico. Fort Worth reached their outreach goal!