EPA Lead Program
Grant Fact Sheet

The Medical Fo

EPA has selected The Medical Foundation

in Dorchester, Massachusetts for a National
Community-Based Lead Outreach and
Training Grant.

The Medical Foundation will develop
community-based collaborative approaches
to address the problems of lead poisoning
among children in immigrant and refugee
communities in Springfield and Brockton,

The project will:

	Partner with key community-based

	Provide outreach, education and training,

	Promote the development,
implementation and ownership of lead
prevention action plans,

	Promote infrastructure development,
such as reviewing, revising, and
developing ordinances

	Incorporate mechanisms to make these
efforts sustainable beyond the life of the project.

EPA's National Community-
Based Lead Grant Program

EPA grants are helping communities with older
housing reduce childhood lead poisoning. The
funds enable communities to educate those at
risk, provide lead-awareness training and
develop local ordinances aimed at lead

The National Community-Based Lead Outreach
and Training Grants are aimed at promoting
efforts to prevent or reduce childhood lead
poisoning. In 2007 The Agency awarded more
than $3.1 million in grant dollars to fund this
ambitious program. Grant recipients range
from city health departments to universities and
colleges, community organizations, religious
groups, and other non-profit organizations.

EPA's lead program is playing a major role in
meeting the Federal goal of eliminating
childhood lead poisoning as a major public
health concern by 2010. Projects supported by
these grant funds are an important part of this
ongoing effort - and we are seeing their effects.
By 2002, the number of U.S. children with
elevated blood-lead levels dropped to 310,000
from 13.5 million in 1978, according to the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For more information about EPA's Lead
Program, visit www.epa.gov/lead or call the
National Lead Information Center at 1-800-

This project will complement existing and evolving statewide efforts to promote healthy homes
in Massachusetts, including programs focused on lead and other home-based public health
problems, such as asthma, pest control, and violence prevention.

2007 National Community-Based Lead Grant Program

Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics