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Agency	Community Update July 2015

Whitmoyer Laboratories Superfund Site

Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

-- Bridge Replacement Work at Fairlane Avenue Begins ~


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
Protection (PADEP), and Jackson Township will be working together on the bridge replacement at
Fairlane Avenue. The replacement is necessary because the bridge is structurally unsafe.


EPA and PADEP are involved because portions of the bridge's support structures that are located
within the capped area of the Whitmoyer Labs Site and the excavation and construction activities may
temporarily expose contaminated soils under the cap. For this reason, EPA, PADEP and Jackson
Township will work together to ensure the bridge replacement and related soil excavation activities
preserve the cap and minimize or eliminate any potential exposure to contaminated soils.


It is expected that excavation work will begin during the week of July 20th. This bridge replacement
work is estimated to take about one month to complete, but could take longer.

What You Will Notice:

Starting July 20th, you may notice bridge workers wearing protective suits and equipment to protect
themselves from exposure to contaminated soils. Protective clothing is only required for the workers
and not the general public. After construction, EPA will monitor the condition of the stream to make sure
it has not been re-contaminated during the repair process. Please be advised that the Jackson
Recreational Park will remain open during construction.

Brief Site Background:

Whitmoyer Laboratories manufactured veterinary pharmaceuticals between 1934 and 1984. Arsenic
compounds were produced and stored at the site. Arsenic pollution was later detected in the soils,
groundwater and surface water at the site. The cause of this pollution was the previous disposal of
wastes in the soils and unlined lagoons. The contamination at the site has been cleaned up, capped in
place, and groundwater is being treated. This remedy remains protective of human health and the
environment. EPA continues to inspect the capped portions of the site and the groundwater treatment
plant every five years. The most recent Five Year Review report was completed in April of 2015.

For More Information:

Please visit EPA's Whitmoyer Labs Superfund Site webpage at: http://go.usa.gov/3Pe49

Read the Five-Year Review Report at: http://loggerhead.epa.gov/5vr/pdf/2205083.pdf
Call or E-mail Bhupi Khona, EPA Remedial Project Manager (215) 814-3213, khona.bhupi@epa.gov
Call or E-mail Gina Soscia, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator (215) 814-5538,soscia.gina@epa.gov
Call or E-mail Jackson Township, (717) 866-4771, iacksontwp@comcast.net




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