2011 WaterSense
Partners of the Year
Since the program's launch in 2006, WaterSense labeled products have helped consumers save
125 billion gallons of water and $2 billion in water and energy bills. These results reflect the
effort WaterSense partners have undertaken to make the label synonymous with water effi-
ciency and performance. More than 2,200 WaterSense partners have labeled and sold more than 4,000
models of plumbing products, built more than 55 WaterSense labeled homes, and educated countless
consumers on the benefits of water efficiency.
The WaterSense Partner of the Year awards recognize organizations and individuals in six categories
who have made extraordinary efforts to:
Advance the WaterSense mission
Increase awareness about WaterSense in a measurable way	EPA
Demonstrate overall excellence in the water-efficiency arena	8 €
The following partners stood out for their successful efforts to help Americans
save water in 2010.
Promotional Partner of the Year
Cobb County Water System (Georgia)
Cobb County Water
System in suburban
Atlanta, a 2009 Water-
Sense Partner of the
Year, stepped up its	Cobb County.,,Expect the Best!
water-efficiency efforts
in 2010 by introducing thousands of consumers
to WaterSense, promoting WaterSense labeled
new homes, and training irrigation professionals.
The water system, which serves 680,000 resi-
dents, gave 75 WaterSense-related presentations
in 2010 and coordinated with other WaterSense
partners to host a We're for Water educational
event at the Georgia Aquarium, featuring a fun
and engaging Plinko game with WaterSense's
"Check, Twist, and Replace"messaging.
To support Water-
Sense labeled new
homes, Cobb County
Water System chaired
a committee to
regionalize the guid-
ance for the outdoor
portion of the Water-
Sense New Homes
Specification and
trained local irrigation
and landscape profes-
sionals on WaterSense
new homes criteria.
Working with the
Georgia Homebuild-
ers Association and
the Metro Atlanta
Home Builders Association, Cobb County's ef-
forts were vital to educating the Atlanta builder
community on the WaterSense specification.
A young visitor tries her
luck at the "Check, Twist,
Replace" Plinko game at Cobb
County Water Authority's edu-
cational event at the Georgia

These outreach efforts have resulted in grow
ing consumer awareness. A 2010 online survey
showed that more than 80 percent of respon-
dents were familiar with WaterSense, compared
to just 10 percent a few years ago. And aware
ness isn't the only measure of success; Cobb
County saw per capita water use drop from 126
gallons per person per day in 2005, when it be
gan its water efficiency program, to 113 gallons
per person per day in 2010.
development manager with Delta Faucet Com-
pany, appeared on a local TV show to encourage
consumers to fix household leaks.
Not only is Delta Faucet Company producing and
promoting WaterSense labeled showerheads, but
these products also are earning accolades. One
of the company's water-efficient showerheads
received the Building Products magazine's 2010
Green Product Award for being one of the best
new eco-friendly products for the home.
Manufacturer Partner of the Year
Delta Faucet Company
Delta Faucet Com-
pany continued
its commitment to
help WaterSense
increase the number
of labeled products including the first Water-
Sense labeled showerheads in the marketplace
last year. By the end of 2010, nearly 40 percent
of the company's showerhead shipments and
more than 85 percent of its lavatory faucets
were WaterSense labeled. More than two-thirds
of Delta Faucet Company's products from the
Delta®, Brizo®, and Peerless® faucet brands now
offer WaterSense labeled options, making it easy
for consumers to save water with style.
Delta Faucet Company played an integral role in
the WaterSense showerhead specification devel-
opment process by leading the effort to develop
testing equipment and procedures to certify Wa
terSense labeled showerheads.The company de
veloped a methodology to verify water-efficient
showerhead performance and water savings to
ensure that WaterSense labeled showerheads
meet users'performance expectations.
The company also supplemented its product
development work with widespread promotion
of water-efficient products and practices. An
email campaign promoted the release of the Wa
terSense showerhead specification, while a new
"Green at Delta" section of the company website
provided customers with access to WaterSense la-
beled products. In addition, during WaterSense's
Fix a Leak Week, Paul Patton, a senior product
Retail/Distributor Partner of the Year
The Home Depot
The Home Depot calcu-
lates that it helped its
customers save 27 billion
gallons of water and $174
million on water utility bills
in 2010 by offering a com-
plete line of WaterSense
labeled products.The
Home Depot was the first major retailer to sell
only WaterSense labeled lavatory faucets, and it
now sells WaterSense labeled products in all of
its 2,000 retail locations across the United States.
More than two-thirds of its bathroom fixture
stock carries the WaterSense label.
While new displays and in-aisle signage ampli-
fied The Home Depot's promotion of WaterSense
labeled products, store demonstrations and
customer workshops drove the message home
The Home Depot employees are always knowledgeable
about WaterSense - the company offers its staff product
knowledge classes, training courses, and holds discussions
on its internal social network.

at a personal level.To ensure that its employees
understand the benefits of WaterSense labeled
products,The Home Depot offers product
knowledge classes, seasonal apron cards, train-
ing courses, and discussions on its internal social
network. On Earth Day 2010, the company gave
away nearly half a million WaterSense labeled
faucet aerators as part of an attention-grabbing
display in New York City's Times Square.
The Home Depot included WaterSense in its
"Lowering the Cost of Maintaining Your Home"
campaign, which was promoted across all of
the company's social marketing vehicles. The
company's website collected 1.1 billion impres-
sions for the WaterSense program in 2010, often
through visits to WaterSense educational "pods"
or through the Eco Options microsite. These on-
line efforts supported an increase in online sales
of WaterSense labeled toilets by more than 500
percent last year.
Irrigation Partner of the Year
Christopher Curry
Christopher Curry, a
principal at Sweeney
+ Associates Irrigation
Design and Consulting
in Orange, California,
has been designing
water-efficient irriga-
tion systems for a de
cade. Ranging in size
from small residences to large regional parks, his
projects have two things in common: they take
advantage of smart irrigation technology and
they use watering schedules and annual water
In 2010, Curry presented Riverside, California
with a drip irrigation plan for some of the city's
medians. With a projected savings of one million
gallons of water per year, reduced overflow into
the streets, and more cost-effective installation,
Riverside decided not only to install drip irriga-
tion systems in those medians, but in all of the
medians across the city.
KB Home made history at its Springwood community in
Roseville, California last year when it completed construction
of the first new homes built to the WaterSense New Homes
Curry also helped the San Diego Park & Recre
ation Department acquire a new rotor system
that uses recycled water and a central control
system. The project is expected to save the city
up to three million gallons of water per year on
just ten acres of turf.
Curry served as a tireless advocate for Water-
Sense labeled certification programs for irriga-
tion professionals last year. As a design member
of the American Society of Irrigation Consultants,
he promoted certification by WaterSense labeled
programs and the benefits of performing audits
after installing design projects. His emphasis on
auditing also led Curry to participate in Irrigation
Association webinars to discuss standards for
irrigation efficiencies and irrigation audit guide
lines, which are the backbone of the calculations
used to determine water budgets.
Builder Partner of the Year
KB Home
In November 2010,
national builder KB
Home made history at
its Springwood commu-
nity in Roseville, Califor-
nia, when it completed
construction of the first
new homes built to the
WaterSense New Homes Specification. In addi-
tion to committing to build every home in the

Springwood community to earn the WaterSense
label, KB Home quickly expanded its offerings of
WaterSense labeled new homes to other commu-
nities in Florida and Texas.
Each WaterSense labeled home is designed to
use 20 percent less water than a typical new
home inside and out—for a family of four, that's
a difference of about 50,000 gallons of water per
year compared to a traditional home, or enough
for nearly 2,000 loads of laundry! In addition to
building the first WaterSense labeled homes, the
company has incorporated WaterSense labeled
products into every one of the thousands of
homes it builds each year across the country.
To educate homeowners on the benefits of sav-
ing water, KB Home placed displays highlight-
ing WaterSense in its sales offices. As part of the
company's Built to Order™ program, homebuyers
can select WaterSense labeled products and ad-
ditional water-efficient features at the KB Home
Studio—a retail-like showroom where consumers
meet with personal design consultants.To further
demonstrate water savings in its model homes,
KB Home's Architecture Department prepared a
"waterwise" landscaping guide for all its divisions,
calling for mandatory implementation in every
community in 2010.
Licensed Certification Provider
Energy Inspectors Corporation
Energy Inspectors
Corporation, a
leading residential
energy efficiency
and construction
quality assurance
consultant, joined
forces with WaterSense in 2010 to recruit and
support WaterSense builder partners by inspect-
ing and certifying new homes. In its first year as a
WaterSense licensed certification provider part-
ner, Energy Inspectors Corporation introduced
multiple builders to the opportunities for build-
ing homes to earn the WaterSense label.
( Energy
t Inspectors
Energy Inspectors Corporation's inspector train-
ing process uses a hands-on approach: trainees
are required to perform a full inspection of a
model home using the WaterSense Labeled New
Home Inspection Checklist. Only after a profes-
sional has gained this experience is he or she
allowed to inspect a WaterSense labeled new
home. The familiarity with the local climate that
inspectors gain from this approach enables them
to accurately evaluate outdoor components of
the WaterSense new homes criteria.
Throughout 2010, Energy Inspectors Corpora-
tion stayed in close communication with fellow
Partner of the Year KB Home's corporate and
regional offices to discuss how the builder could
integrate WaterSense into its production cycle.
Energy Inspectors Corporation provided support
to both KB Home's superintendents and installing
trades.The partnership between Energy Inspec-
tors Corporation and KB Home resulted in the first
WaterSense labeled new home in the country and
eventually an entire community of homes that
will earn the WaterSense label.
Realizing the important role of plumbers and
landscape irrigation professionals in the new
home construction process, Energy Inspectors
Corporation also presented a three-hour educa-
tional seminar with EPA to KB Home Southern
California's landscape and plumbing trade profes-
sionals, providing important program information
to everyone involved in creating a WaterSense
labeled new home.
October 2011
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