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WaterSense Accomplishments 2021



WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored
by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA), works collaboratively with companies, utilities,
organizations, and communities to encourage innovation
in manufacturing and water savings. Since 2006, the
WaterSense label has made it easy for consumers to
find high-performing, water-efficient products. Millions
of Americans are saving water, energy, and money by
installing WaterSense labeled products in homes and

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That's the water used in 8 months

by all U.S. households!

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Partner Totals by State


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has helped reduce the amount of energy
needed to pump, treat, and heat water by

754 billion

kilowatt hours, enough to supply
a year's worth of power to more than

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^ 11,465


288 million

a metric tons

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.the equivalent of planting

4.8 billion trees

...and saving consumers

$135 billion

m water and

energy bills

2021 WaterSense Partners of the Year

Athens-Clarke County
(Georgia) Public
Utilities Department •
City of Charlottesville
(Virginia) • Cobb County
(Georgia) Water System
• Metropolitan North
Georgia Water Planning
District • Citrus County
(Florida) Utilities • The City of Piano (Texas) •
The Sonoma-Marin (California) Saving Water
Partnership • Kohler Co. • KB Home

City of Durham (North Carolina)
Water Management • Regional
Water Authority (California)
• Big Bear Lake (California)
Department of Water and
Power • Irvine Ranch Water
District • Northern Colorado
Water Conservancy District • City of Sacramento
(California) Department of Utilities • Upper San
Gabriel Valley (California) Municipal Water District
• The Broward Water Partnership (Florida) • City
of Aspen (Colorado) • Orbit Irrigation Products,
Inc. • The Home Depot • Fulton Homes

Alliance for Water Efficiency •
Metropolitan Council (Minnesota)
• San Diego County Water
Authority • Alameda County
(California) Water District •
Niagaraฎ • City of Allen (Texas)
• Department of Water for the
County of Kaua'i (Hawaii) • Harris-
Galveston (Texas) Subsidence
District • Hilton Head (South Carolina) Public Service
District • Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency •
California Water Efficiency Partnership • G3, Green
Gardens Group (California) • The Toro Company

Helping People Save Makes Water More Affordable

WaterSense held a series of roundtables in 2021 to learn how its partners are focusing on
affordability and water efficiency. Their customer assistance programs are not just helping
customers pay their water bills when times are tough, but fostering savings that can keep
both water and energy costs down in the future. The resulting resource. Assistance That Sav&s.
highlights their efforts and presents some of the lessons partners learned.

Sensing Soil Moisture Helps Save Water on Irrigation

Soil moisture-based control technologies joined the suite of WaterSense lableled water-efficient
landcape irrigation products in 2021. Labeled controllers have sensors that determine the amount
of moisture in the soil and allow irrigation systems to water only when necessary. Replacing
a standard clock-based irrigation controller with a WaterSense labeled controller can save an
average home up to 15,000 gallons of water outdoors annually!

Three Groups Help Homes Get Certified for WaterSense

Following the release of a new version of the WaterSense labeled homes program in 2021, EPA
named the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), Home Innovation Research Labs, and
California's CHEERS program as home certification organizations (HCOs) for the WaterSense
program. These HCOs use ERA-approved certification methods to ensure homes have WaterSense
labeled products and are 30 percent more water-efficient than traditional new construction.

H2erOes Help Out in Drought by Using WaterSense

As climate change increases stress on water supplies, WaterSense partners in
drought-prone states can enlist an army of "H2Oeroes" and encourage them to
#BeDroughtAware by using WaterSense infographics, social media posts, one-pagers,
and other tools developed in 2021 to remind people of simple ways to save water for
where it's needed most. Whether it's following local irrigation rules or turning the water
off while brushing teeth, everyone can help out in a drought!

What's Next in Stopping Water Waste?

Reverse osmosis systems installed under kitchen sinks and at other points of use can improve water quality, but they also
waste a significant amount of water during operation. In 2022, EPA released a Notice of Intent to develop a WaterSense
specification for point-of-use reverse osmosis systems that reduce water waste with more efficient technologies.

Another way consumers can waste water without knowing it is through worn-out flappers in
their toilet tanks. WaterSense developed a new "Flip Your Flapper" campaign for partners to
promote during Fix a Leak Week or any time of the year to explain what a flapper is and how to
periodically check and replace it.

PHONE (866) WTR-SENS (987-7367) WEBSITE www.epa.gov/watersense EMAIL watersense@epa.gov	SERA St22"011