Water Utility Emergency

Mississippi - Emergency Management Agency (EMA) District 6

When you need help:

You are not alone during an emergency!

Help is available through local, county, state, and non-
governmental organizations.





Request assistance from your local resources first (police, fire, health, Local Emergency
Operations Center or EOC, and existing mutual aid partners - if applicable).

Contact your County EOC for additional assistance (see numbers on next page) if needed AND
be prepared with:

a)	Your utility's name.

b)	Your utility's address.

c)	Your contact information.

d)	What you need (kind and type of resource, such as a Type IV generator:

a trailer-mounted, 400 KW, sound attenuated, multi-voltage panel, 3-phase

e)	Address where the resource is needed and/or GPS coordinates (in case street
signs are down).

f)	How long you will need the resource.

g)	If you need a qualified operator for the requested equipment.

h)	Don't forget to ask for an anticipated delivery date and time and a point of
contact, if available.

Check back - there may not be a formal tracking number assigned to your resource request at
the County level.

If your County EOC is not activated, contact the Mississippi Department of Health (DOH) 24/7
Hotline at (866) 458-4948. DOH can submit your resource request directly to the State EOC.

Keep in Mind:

If the County EOC cannot fulfill your resource request, they will forward your request to the
State EOC. They will try to locate the resource within Mississippi.

If the State EOC cannot fulfill your resource request, they may contact other states or the federal

government through FEMA.

FEMA will coordinate federal resources.

This can be a lengthy process so don't wait too long to ask for help.

 Not all assistance will be free-of-charge. The Requesting Utility may be responsible for some
or all of the costs.

If you are a for-profit utility, you may be offered only limited personnel assistance (no
equipment) during a public health crisis.

The best way to make sure you get what you need is to have pre-disaster contracts and mutual
aid agreements. If you wait until after the disaster to plan, it may be too late.

If interstate mutual aid and assistance is required, utilities may request assistance through the
MS Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) coordinator to access assets in
neighboring or other states.

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Who To

EMA District 6 EOC Phone Numbers*:

Clarke Co. EMA

101 Archusa Avenue, Quitman

601-776-5252 - after hours

Mississippi Department of Health

DOH staff will call you in an
emergency if they don't hear from you.
If you don't answer, they will send a
representative to you to help.
The representative will assist you in
obtaining needed resources.

24/7 Hotline

Jasper Co. EMA

37D W. 8th Ave., Bay Springs


601-764-3050 - after hours

Leake Co. EMA

123 North Pearl St., Carthage

Newton Co. EMA
92 West Broad Street, Decatur
601-635-2101 - after hours


Kemper Co. EMA	Scott Co. EMA

Route 1, Box 123 A, Scooba	100 East Main Street, Forest

601-527-2393	601-469-4100

601-743-2255 - after hours	601-421-7113 - cell phone

Lauderdale Co. EMA
2525 14th Street, Meridian
911 - after hours

Neshoba Co. EMA

11901 Highway 15 North,



601-650-3283 - after hours

Smith Co. EMA

212 Sylverana Avenue, Suite 1,



601-782-4531 - after hours

* Phone numbers can change, so be sure to check with your EOC on a regular basis.

Other organizations that can help you locate resources in the event of an emergency are:

Mississippi Rural Water Association: (800) 343-2520
 Community Research Group: (479) 445-3729

Mississippi Water & Pollution Control Operator's Association, Inc.: (601) 857-0512

In the future, you will be able to tap into the resources of all of these organizations through
membership in the Mississippi WARN System, which is currently under development.

DRAFT FINAL 05-17-07