My 2020 Vision for Saving Water

I will celebrate the new year and focus on saving water throughout 2020, by
taking the "I'm for Water pledge" at
To uphold my pledge, I will check off one or more simple steps each month to
save water for myself, my family, and future generations.

January 2020

~	I took the "I'm for Water" pledge and am making a clear commitment to
stay focused on saving water throughout 2020.

~	I will take the first step toward reducing my water use by learning how to

understand my household water bill.

February 2020

~	I will use the product search tool to find WaterSense labeled fixtures to
enhance the look and performance of my bathroom.

~	I will turn off the tap while I brush my teeth and reduce my shower time by
one minute to save even more water in the bathroom.

March 2020

~	I will celebrate Fix a Leak Week by checking my water meter before
and after a two-hour period when no water is used to see if it changes

~	I will check for leaky showers and install pipe tape to make sure there
is a tight connection.

April 2020

~	This Earth Day, I will mulch around plants in my landscape to inhibit weed
growth and prevent evaporation after watering.

~	I will plant native, low-water-using plants in my landscape and only water my
lawn when needed.

May 2020

~	For Sprinkler Spruce-Up season, I will inspect, connect, direct, and
select my watering system to ensure it doesn't waste water.

~	I will look for an irrigation professional certified by a WaterSense
labeled program to help maximize the efficiency of my irrigation system.

June 2020

~	I will check out the water, energy, and utility bill savings that WaterSense
labeled products helped consumers and businesses achieve in 2019!

~	I will look for local rebates when selecting WaterSense iabeled fixtures
for my home.




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Ti	March 16-22,2020

^ ' Fix a Leak Week

It's Spring!

I Tie Co Spruce Up Your Sprinkle' Syscen r. -our Simple Steps


July 2020

~	I will avoid watering my landscape in the middle of the day when
temperatures are highest to cut down on evaporation and water waste.

~	I will consider installing a WaterSense labeled weather-based irrigation
controller to water smarter this summer.

August 2020

~ If I am in the market for a new home, I will look for a WaterSense labeled
home to save water, energy, and money on utility bills.

~ I will celebrate World Water Week by only washing full loads of laundry.

September 2020

~	I will do my homework and calculate how much I can save by switching
to WaterSense labeled products.

~	When selecting new plants for my landscape this fall, I will choose local
varieties that don't require supplemental watering and fertilizers.

October 2020

~	I will celebrate Energy Action Month by swapping out my showerhead with a
WaterSense labeled model to save water and energy.

~	1 will upgrade the look and performance of my bathroom by installing a
WaterSense labeled faucet—available in a variety of styles and prices.

November 2020

~	I will check my toilet for leaks using a few drops of food dye and

replace the worn-out flapper if needed.

~	I will consider a WaterSense labeled toilet to replace my old,
inefficient mode! to reduce water use by up to 60 percent.

December 2020

~	I will save water while cleaning up after holiday dinners by scraping dishes with
leftover food into the trash instead of rinsing them and only running the dishwasher
when full.

~	I will recommit to saving water in 2021 by taking the I'm for Water" pledge and
taking small steps every month.

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