West Lake Update

February 27, 2014

Welcome to West Lake Update

This update is provided by EPA Region 7 in an ef-
fort to inform the community about the progress of
environmental activities taking place at the West Lake
Landfill Superfund Site in Bridgeton, Mo. EPA plans
to provide routine updates which can be found at the
links below.

Groundwater Report Under Review

On February 24,
2014, the poten-
tially responsible
parties provided
the Groundwater
Monitoring Report
to EPA containing
the results of the
October 2013 sampling event. EPA is currently re-
viewing the report for completeness and will post it
online upon completion of the review. EPA has shared
the report with the U.S. Geological Survey for its re-
view as well.

EPA in Your Community

EPA representatives attended the Community
Advisory Group meeting February 24, 2014. EPA
staff, Ben Washburn and Karim Dawani also
conducted interviews this week with residents and
members of the local business community. Informa-
tion obtained from these interviews will be used
by EPA to revise its Community Involvement Plan,
which will be made available to the public when it has
been completed.

Drilling Work Continues On Site

How You Can Be Involved

Get involved in the Community Advisory Group
(CAG) (http://wwvsf.westlakecag.org/). A Superfund
Community Advisory Group (CAG) is made up of
members of the community and is designed to serve
as the focal point for the exchange of information
among the local community and EPA, the state
regulatory agency, and other pertinent federal
agencies involved in cleanup of a Superfund site. EPA
encourages residents to attend routine CAG meetings
to stay informed.

Drilling and core sampling to locate an isolation
barrier between West Lake Landfill and Bridgeton
Landfill is going on for the next several weeks. (U.S.
EPA photo)

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