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Milltown Reservoir
Superfund Site

Issue #19
June 13,2007

Status: The Milltown Reservoir cleanup project is going well and is on

schedule for dam removal in spring 2008. Project workers have now

logged 45,822 hours without time lost to injury.


Currently:	CflHsnncTtOHi

	Excavation of the bypass channel continues, removing on average 3800

cubic yards (yd3) per day. Workers are now digging in two locations. Workers con-
tinue to expand the footprint of the test pit, moving to the east. Now workers have
also begun digging to the east where the rail road bridge will go in over the bypass
channel. To date, nearly 100,000 yd3 have been removed. By the time the bypass
channel is finished in late September 2007, a total of 600,000 yd3 of material will
have been removed. The excavated material will be sent by rail to the Anaconda
Smelter Superfund Site waste repository beginning in September 2007.

	Continue to excavate and sort through landfill debris. To date, workers have re-
moved about 11,500 yd3 of debris and will remove the remaining 2500 yd3 this week.

	Once the landfill excavation is completed, workers will begin work on the rail grade
and rail loading pad. Workers will first dig out the contaminated sediments in the
bed of the Bypass Channel so the piers for the rail road bridge can be installed.

	Envirocon has installed 16 dewatering wells, with another 8 going in this week. Enviro-
con expects to complete installation of all 36 wells in the next 2 weeks. By the end of
this week, the wells are expected to produce about 2700-2800 gallons per minute
(gpm). Continue to monitor the water level in the sediments using piezometers. The
dewatering wells aid in the bypass channel excavation by drying out the sediments.

	Continue to work on the 1-90 toe road.

	Continue to stockpile soils suitable for restoration (growth media) on site. To date,
approximately 42,000 yd3 of this growth media has been excavated and stored for
future use in reclaiming the land once the cleanup is complete.

These weekly updates are in-
tended to provide you with the
latest information about
remediation, restoration and
redevelopment activities at the
Milltown Reservoir.

US EPA Montana Office
10 W. 15th St., Ste.3200
Helena, Montana 59626

Bypass Channel Excavation

Friday, June 22

Design Review Team
meeting to discuss new
site cleanup plans.
Members of the public
are invited to contact
their representatives
on the DRT, Peter Niel-
sen of Missoula County
(258-4968) or Mike
Kustudia/Chris Brick of
CFRTAC (541-8099) to
provide input to DRT.
Tuesday, June 26
Milltown Reservoir Re-
development Working
Group meeting, 6:30-
9:00 pm at Our Savior's
Lutheran Church in

Tuesday, July 3

Design Review #
Team Site tour. 

On June 12, the US Army Corps of Engineers
(USACE) began drilling holes for the 16"
shafts that will be installed to stabilize the I-
90 bridge abutments.

 This week, USACE is testing its jet-grouting
procedures and if all goes well, jet-grouting
will begin next week.

Upcoming work:

Continue bypass channel excavation
Continue installing dewatering wells
Finish landfill excavation
Begin rail loading pad and rail grade
Screen borrow materials for loading pad and
rail road grade construction

USACE contractors test jet-groutirig
for 1-90 bridge abutment stabilization


2007	Build haul roads
Build flood berms
1-90 bridge mitigation
MRL bridge mitigation
Build bypass channel
Build pedestrian trail
Construct rail lines
Rail hauling sediment
Stage 2 drawdown
Build coffer dam
Spillway removal

2008	Spillway removal
Sediment removal
Replace Hwy 200 bridge
Dam removal
Powerhouse removal

2009	Restoration

2010	Restoration

2011	Restoration



EPA and DEQ met with representatives from
Missoula Co., LS Jensen Construction,
MRL, Bonner School, and the Milltown Bon-
ner Community Council to coordinate con-
struction of the	and

work this summer. Trail work
begins next week. The portion from the
Hwy. 210 bridge to Fire Station should be
complete by mid-July and the trail from the
bridge to Bonner School complete by mid-
August. MRL plans to work on the rail line
from mid-July to mid-August. While we
agreed that it is best to minimize any over-
lap between these projects, there still may
be a time when pedestrian access is re-
stricted. We will continue to keep the com-
munity informed as we learn more.