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June 3,2014	-L

EPA Completes Radiation Screening at

Radiation ex-
perts from EPA
Region 7 and
Region 5 worked
from morn-
ing to night the
week of May 19
to complete a
radiation screening of the 70-acre Bridgeton Munici-
pal Athletic Complex (BMAC). Combining a Global
Positioning System (GPS)-linked radiation detector
with soil sampling, this screening will provide the
community with the definitive, scientifically-backed
results to better understand the conditions at BMAC.

The EPA screening of BMAC resulted in the col-
lection of data from 60,000 points along 45 miles of
transecting lines. Three field survey teams worked in
concert transecting the entire complex. Using GPS and
radiation detection instruments, the teams screened
for gamma radiation and also collected more than 100
soil samples for laboratory testing for thorium, radium
and uranium.

The teams also collected samples for laboratory
analysis at the locations where citizens previously col-
lected soil for their own tests at BMAC.

The teams conducted radiation background ref-
erence screening and soil sampling at two parks
(Blanchette and Koch), which are located about four
miles from BMAC. Establishing background levels
is important because radiation occurs naturally in
our environment. The background levels will serve
as benchmarks in comparison to the radiation levels
at BMAC in determining if any readings there would
be considered above background level that would be
expected in that geographic area.

The soil samples and preliminary screening results
are currently undergoing an extensive quality control,
quality assurance (QA/QC) procedure to ensure the
accuracy and validity of the data. Once the QA/QC
review is complete, EPA will make the results available
to the public on its website and via social and tradi-
tional media.

At this time, EPA reiterates its previously stated
position that the ball fields remain suitable for use and
encourages the community to continue to enjoy the
facilities at BMAC.

Environmental Justice an Important Part
of the West Lake Team

The Environmental Justice program at EPA Region
7 is an important part of the West Lake team. Envi-
ronmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaning-
ful involvement of all people regardless of race, color,
national origin, or income with respect to the develop-
ment, implementation, and enforcement of environ-
mental laws, regulations, and policies. Karim Dawani
is EPA Region 7's Environmental Justice representative
for the West Lake Landfill Site.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of EPA's Envi-
ronmental Justice program. Environmental Justice is
an EPA goal for all communities and persons across
the nation. It will be achieved when everyone enjoys
the same degree of protection from environmental and
health hazards and equal access to the decision-mak-
ing process to have a healthy environment in which to
live, learn, and work.

Meet Karim Dawani

Karim Dawani joined
EPA Region 7 in 2010 as
a Program Analyst and
Grants Manager. Cur-
rently, he serves as an
Environmental Justice
Outreach Coordinator.

At the West Lake Land-
fill Site, Karim works to
ensure that the diverse
communities near the
site are treated equally by the Agency.

Among his other responsibilities, Karim also pro-
motes Healthy Homes, lead safety, and other topics
relevant to communities in Region 7.

Karim is a veteran of the United States Army, having
served 1996 to 2000.

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