Optional Water Efficiency Measure: May contribute to the 30 percent water efficiency requirement,
depending on the chosen WaterSenseŽ Approved Certification Method (WACM),

WaterSense recommends that dishwashers, including
those in common areas of multifamily buildings, be
ENERGY STARŽ certified. These models use 3.2 gallons
of water per cycle (gpc) or less, which is at least 30
percent less than dishwashers meeting the federal
standard of 5.0 gpc.
ENERGY STAR certified models include several
innovations that reduce energy and water consumption
and improve performance. For example, dishwashers
with an auto-sensing cycle have a soil sensor that tests
how dirty dishes are throughout the wash and adjusts
the cycle to achieve optimum cleaning with minimum
water and energy use.
The ENERGY STAR criteria are based on specific energy
and water consumption levels. The maximum energy
consumption is measured in kilowatt hours per year
(kWh/year) and the maximum water consumption is
measured in gpc.
ENERGY STAR criteria vary based on standard or
compact-sized dishwashers.
SPECIFY ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers and
confirm that they have been labeled by using the
ENERGY STAR Product Finder at
VERIFY the appliance's make, model, and water
consumption in gpc through either of the following:
o Refer to the product specification sheet,
o Search the ENERGY STAR Product Finder.
Advantages of ENERGY STAR
Dishwasher technology has improved
dramatically over the last decade, and new
ENERGY STAR certified models include
several innovations such as soil sensors,
improved water filtration, more efficient jets,
and dish rack designs that reduce energy and
water consumption and improve
A standard-sized ENERGY STAR certified
dishwasher can save homeowners about
3,800 gallons of water over its lifetime.
Using an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher
can also result in notable water savings
compared to washing dishes by hand.

Learn More
Check out the ENERGY STAR
Dishwashers web page at
s/dishwashers for more
*NOTE: Consult with the Home Certification Organization for specific verification protocols.
This technical fact sheet is part of EPA's Technical Reference Manual for
WaterSense Labeled Homes. For the full document and other tools and	EPA-832-F-23-016
resources for homes, visit www.epa.gov/watersense/tools-and-resources.	July 2023