2/24/2009 US EPA



13) What assistance does EPA provide to water utilities that are
considering a switch from chlorine to monochloramine?

EPA provides regulatory guidance to water authorities that are considering
a switch to monochloramine.

	EPA provides regulatory guidance primarily through state regulatory
agencies,1 which in turn provide guidance to water utilities.

	Water utilities look primarily to states for guidance since it is the state
agencies that approve changes in water treatment processes.

	Water utilities provide information about drinking water quality to
interested parties on request.

EPA provides training for state and local water authorities that are
considering changes in disinfection processes.

	EPA develops guidance documents to help state and local water
authorities better understand drinking water regulations.

	EPA works with state and local water authorities when they request
additional guidance regarding EPA drinking water regulations.

	EPA manuals on water treatment and disinfection processes are available
as printed documents or through the Internet.2

EPA representatives attend professional meetings to explain chlorine,
monochloramine, and disinfection byproduct regulations

	EPA provides specialized training on the new disinfection byproduct

	EPA's Regional Offices provide technical assistance to water authorities
seeking specific guidance on the new disinfection byproduct regulations.

	EPA has established a Drinking Water Academy for EPA staff, state
regulators, tribes, and others on implementing new drinking water

Additional Supporting Information:

1.	A State drinking water regulatory agency is also known as primacy agency. A
primacy agency has the primary responsibility for administrating and enforcing federal
drinking water regulations. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act; states, U.S. territories,
and Indian tribes that meet certain requirements (such as setting regulations that are at
least as stringent as EPA's) may also apply for, and receive, primary enforcement

2.	Guidance manuals are available at:

http://www.epa.gov/safewater/disinfection/staqe2/compliance.html. Hard copies are
available by ordering publications through EPA's Water Resource Center (phone: 202-
566-1729). Information on changing disinfectants and controlling contaminant release
(including lead) into drinking water, as well as biofilm activity and nitrification, including
the resulting nitrite and nitrate formation can be found at:

http://www.epa.qov/OGWDW/disinfection/staqe2/pdfs/quide st2 pws simultaneous-
compliance. pdf. See question 27 for additional information.

3.	Information on the Drinking Water Academy is available at: